How do you remember to exercise in the morning?

Wladimir E.
I set out my workout clothes and gear eg dumbells or execise ball beside the bed the night before. Also i set an alarm that says: Time to Workout to become your fabulous self. When i wake up and am drinking my first bottle of water upon waking i set my mind on track to having an awesome workout and to feel stronger by the end of the day.
Heribert Z.
How did i build my morning exercise habit?
The preparation always starts in the evening. If you want to go for a run, put your running clothes next to the bed. If you just want to do some push ups, lye down an excercise mat. The lesson is to make as easy for you in the evening.
Or just use the Fabulous app daily (every morning) this was the major help for me 🙂
Victor C.
I always remember, especially when Fabulous reminds me, for me the hard part is not hitting snooze through my workout time. As is, I'm lucky if I get 7 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes I feel like I need to choose sleep or exercise, and sleep usually wins.
Edelbert X.
Alarms. When I didn't have my phone with it's schedules (sometimes long and detailed other times just the basics) I would forget obvious things. For example, I would even skip breakfast, not because I wasn't hungry or didn't have time; I'd just forget, then I'd eat something unhealthy. When I do exercise, it's because I have scheduled and I credit Fabulous.
Josselino O.
You just make it a habit on your fabulous, you either respond to the reminder or remember it yourself by kepping the new to learn habits as low as possible

Good luck!

Claudia Q.
These daily reminders, coupled with the crushing existential dread of aging and my own impending mortality, make it easy to remember to exercise!
Fiete U.
I establish a morning routine of doing the same things in the same order each morning: get up, wash my face and brush my teeth, drink water, feed the cats, exercise, eat breakfast, and so on. After a few days, it becomes a habit and you don’t have to think about it.
Emine Z.
Just before work and after the app reminds me to do all the other small routines it also reminds me to exercise and i ususally get out of the house and run for about 15-20 minutes.
Wendy C.
Lay out my exercise clothes before I go to bed and have a full water bottle next to my bed. It's a lot easier to just get going when everything is already prepared for me.
Johnni J.
set alarm for the same time everday at 6am
set up work out gear the night before
plan my exercise for the week, considering when I can exercise.
Claudius F.
I have about a 15 minute walk to University, so I have to do it anyway. If you work maybe park a little further away from work and walk a little extra.
Leta U.
ik word herrinnerddoor en liedje, die gaat als volgt:
begin de dag met een dansje . begin de dag met een lach, degeen die lach in de morgen die lacht de hele dag.
Dunja T.
I try to go first thing before I get caught up in other things. When I started, I put a reminder on my phone to remind me in the morning.
Neusita P.
I put my wrist n ankle weights with my water and pick a good upbeat music lineup the night before get a friend in on the action
Lea X.
I know it is the second step in my routine after drinking lemon water, so it comes naturally after that.

Also, I see my boyfriend exercise to so it's a good reminder for me.

Sara Z.
Lol, I think of it right away because it’s the hardest thing. I walk in the afternoon for 15 minutes but want to switch to the morning so I’m doing just the one minute exercise Fabulous has to choose from. It’s tiny but I feel great about it because it’s absolutely doable for now!
J Rgen O.
I try to beat the app reminder. The first thing I do is get up, put on music & be stretching when the reminder comes on.
Chad J.
I have backoain. And the cure is exercise. One korean manualist told me that furst u have to massave your ears. Because they have relation with all organs. Ear's form looks like embrion.
I understood that my body is not strong like when i was younger. Every thin has it's valid date. Like a car our body needs fresh, health food. Needs some screatch before starting to move. Shortly pain reminds me to do exercise. I do not run about an year. But i am ready to run every day. If u do not want to run,look at it like someone who can not even walk. Act like that people. Do not do anything fir a week.
Cathrin R.
In the morning I usually start my 7 min exercise give by fabulous. To remember I just prepare the gym mat in the floor near my bed!! And then of course I start the app morning routine
Karla Y.
I do it as soon as I wake up, after drinking my water that is near my bed, I associate water with activity and activity means I need to exercise, so after drinking my water I exercise, I am starting very small but giving 5% is better than 0%
Hannah J.
Hello! This is the first thing i do in the morning and that's why i /naturally/ remember. Usually I open my eyes, drink a little of water, breathing, and then do my morning exercise. Only after that I will drink the rest of water. The trick is that my exercise isn't of hard intensity) just some push-ups & scretching.
Minnie Q.
I don’t take time to remember, I just take action and make it the very first thing I do within 15 minutes of waking up. Wake up. Drink Water. Bathroom. Shoes. MOVE.

Fabulous really should consider switching the priority of breakfast and exercise for this reason, {and stomach cramps of course} – although I’m sure they have their reasons.