How do you make time for a long and extensive workout in the morning?

Villads C.
When I wake up,I fell very tired.I really don’t want to do anything but the moment I wake up,I drink water,and then I workout.Because I don’t really have time for that later,for me it’s better to finish it in the morning

Iraci F.
Set your alarm earlier by the same amount of time that you want to work out and actually get up and do it. Force yourself to begin and you will feel so good later

Eduardo T.
After having a healthy breakfast in some peace & silence, I like to sit for a few minutes & centre myself. I remind myself why I want to exercise & how fortunate I am to be able to exercise. After that I put on some music to get me pumping while I get done to finally go to the gym.

Romilda S.
Planning is the key for me. I make a lot of 10 things I have to do in the morning. I assign time estimates. that gives me a window of total time.

1. Drink water. – 1 min
2. Brush teeth – 2 mins
3. Dress for workout – 5 mins
4. Walk dogs – 20 mins
5. Run – 45 mins
6. Shower – 15 mins
7. Dress – 10 mins
8. Coffee/Breakfast – 10 mins
9. Journal – 10 mins
10. Drive to Work – 25 mins

So, back planning from when I need to be at work, give me the time I have to wake. That wake up time drives when I need to go to bed to get sufficient rest.

It doesn’t matter if the times are exact. Sometimes, it will take a little more time for some items, or sometimes it may take less. The point is to have some idea of what to do and keep moving thru the process. There may be kids that require attention instead of dogs. Doesn’t matter. Just plan what you want to do, give yourself time to do those things, and keep moving.

The list should have a “flow” of moving in a logical direction, so you don’t have to remember so much. It will just follow from one step to another.

Whenever possible, get stuff ready the night before. Pick outfits. Put out clothes. Decide what to eat. Just avoid wasting time looking for what you need to workout or wear to work. That way, you can focus on your workout and have a clear mind.

Aleksander X.
I don't! I make time in the middle of the day when my toddler is napping. I just aim to get a little yoga in. Some mornings it's three minutes, other days it's ten. Just depends on the day. I figure it's more important I do something, no matter how small, than nothing at all.

Leslie P.
I usually start warming up by a small walk to my daughters college and back home. Then I take around 7 to 8 mins of workout.

Nicoline N.
Plan it the night before, get your yoga mat out or whatever it is you need to be prepared, wake up 20 minutes earlier and smash it!

Sharon W.
Prepare the night before (wear any workout clothes to bed,etc), plan what time you go to sleep and keep devices away an hour earlier, wake up early, and find a step that will make your workout easier (Ex. Pulling it up on youtube the night before

Leon S.
First of all, you don’t have to have long and extensive workouts and your schedule doesn’t have to fit everyone else’s. I do a short morning workout and a longer afternoon workout because that fits my schedule better. That being said! The best way to make time is to wake up earlier and slowly so your body has time to adjust to waking up.
First things first, the night before, choose your workout, have it open in your app, and get out everything you need for the workout. I choose low intensity workouts for the morning so I don’t usually need anything. I set my first alarm for 8:55am with a relaxing song I really like. I listen to the whole song without looking at my phone so I can calmly greet the morning. Then I drink some water and open my workout app. The workout I chose should already be there and ready to go. You can go as long as you want but I try to do at least 10 minutes. You really don’t need a long workout in the morning, I promise. Just fit your schedule! But the secret is being able to wake up earlier and slowly somyou don’t jolt your body and make yourself tired.

Jamie S.
If I need to fit a long workout into my morning routine, I make sure to go to bed earlier the night before and wake up earlier the day of so I have time to workout and clean up before school. Generally I try to do short workouts in the morning and longer ones at night before I shower and go to bed though

Jade T.
Good question. I’m so fortunate to be an entrepreneur! I set my hours, most of the time, to allow myself my morning self care rituals. That includes meditation, journaling and some physical activity. The activity varies daily, depending on my time and what else needs to be done. Sometimes I get up at 5:00 other days 7:00. Plan your week around you, not the other way around. You’ll be happier and more fulfilled. ♥️

Phil X.
Not really. But I'm still getting used to waking up early and getting things done in general. I do have a goal to do a long workout on the morning, but starting is hard.

Rebecca Z.
As I soon wake I look for the opportunity to start exercise even if I don't have time I still do it for short periods of time so that I don't break the chain

Enilda A.
I don’t! I make time for 20-minute focused workout. A 7-minute high intensity workout is better than an hour of exercise you can’t make time for. Search the App Store – there are lots of 7-minute workout resources available. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’ll see and feel a difference!

Eva G.
Stay away from technology after completing your night routine on fabulous, don't be awake after 10:30, set an alarm for a time that gives you enough time to workout do ready for the day and about 10 minutes to chill. SetSetlarm sounds to sosomething that you may find irritating and put whatever device the alarm is on, on the other side of your room away from your bed so you'll have to get out of bed to turn it off. Then get a workout app with a challenge on it, put the reminder message as something like "Do you want muscular (body part) or not?

Herbert U.
Go to be done early, wake up early. Often I am not doing the thing I am supposedly to be, setting out what your ideal morning would be is effective

Mia Q.
You have to get up early! Visualise you having a great workout as you get up and however you feel just get started. As you get into it you’ll feel great about starting and pretty soon you can tick it off your list!

Caitlin O.
I used to go to gym every morning for one hour. Now as I am doing a labor intensive job. I have stopped it. But get up at least 2 hrs before that you are waking up now. And prepare your workout gear previous night before going to bed. Includes your gym clothes shoes, towel protien shake or preworkout if you take them. Even chose your playlist.

Calvin T.
I got my son a bike and intend on bringing him on his bike and my daughter in her buggie for walks/jog once they're up dressed and had breakfast.

Benjamin Z.
I set my phone alarm for 6 am and put it away from my bed so that I have to get up to turn it off. I try to put exercise clothes out the night before. I go for a local walk up a hill rather than use the gym. If a 6 am start doesn‘t allow me to do something I still do what I can. Something is better than nothing!

Ma Lys Y.
I exercise every morning coz I have no other time for that . While my son at school or camp I do things where I need to be alone and need concentration. But I wish to exercise more even evening (
It’s giving more energy.

Dursun J.
Just make a time duration in which you only concentrate on your phys and health.
And best time for it is, morning.
Make morning only for workout and healthy breakfast🤙🤙

Emma B.
I get up early. I’ve found I am a better person after working out in the morning and that gives me the motivation to get up.

Kristiane X.
I started off by just going to the gym, even if it was only for 15 minutes. As I started exercising more though, I found myself with more energy and able to wake up earlier to fit a longer workout in. Whereas a few weeks ago I was struggling to crawl out of bed at 7:30, this morning I was on the treadmill at 6:55!

Eleanor C.
Try to go to bed early, and lay out your workout clothes the night before. Wake up early as well, and give yourself enough time to exercise, shower, and eat

Dean X.
I make sure I sleep early so as to wake up early feeling fresh and ensure I have had enough sleep. Minimum of 6hours 30mins

Jocieri Z.
Waking up early is a great way to get a quick exercise in the morning – so try sleeping earlier so you can fit a good exercise in the morning.

Michelle Z.
Wake up earlier. Get your clothes and breakfast ready the night before. Overnight oats is great fuel for a hard workout.

Elizabeth J.
I make it my priority for the day. I never cut my sleep short because I think sleep is important, but I say to myself ‘if I do one thing tomorrow, it’s exercise.’

Ricardo U.
I don’t think the point is to get a long and extensive workout. I think the idea is to do whatever amount you can, but consistently. I have started with the 7 minute workout on Make Me Fabulous, and sometimes the 1 minute Just Get Moving is all I do, but I have increased my energy even with that amount. It makes the idea of doing 10 or 15 minutes possible and something I want to do now that I’m experiencing the benefits!

Andrea U.
Set your alarm the same number oftime earlier that you plan to work out for, have workout gear laid out before you go to bed

Eline T.
I get up earlier

I can’t really explain the drive I have right now to change. Maybe it’s the slow progress. But I definitely see how I have not been taking care of my body. I have over indulged. So now is the time of under indulgence, and eventually I will come to balance and be able to enjoy and not deprive myself of some small luxuries.

Aladino Z.
I do two to three short interval exercises, whatever my body feels like it can do as I am working on becoming more active and I do not want to get bored or burn out already

Romano T.
Getting up early! I hate being rushing in the morning before work. I also do it first thing out of bed. If I sit down to do anything else like have a snack or play with my cat I’ll convince myself I don’t need to work out as long, or even at all. Having everything set out to make my morning easier helps too!

Carl Heinz A.
I put out my workout gears so as soon as I woke up I say my prayers, drink my vitamins with the bottle of water by my bedside then I got dress in my workout gears then went downstairs and took 45:00 minutes walk on the treadmill and 15:00 minutes on the crazy fit machine its good to put out all your stuff and prepare in your mind what you going to do everyday

Kayla P.
I don't usually do my heavy workouts in the morning but when I do I just get up earlier and start my routine like normal and then fit your workout in wherever is can be.