When do you go to exercise?

Christoffer P.
I work the night shift and when i get off at 7:30 am i find that to be a good time to workout. It helps me release all the stress and worry of the day so i can wind down and sleep. I find it more difficult to sleep soon after i get home and wake up to workout.
Ragendra P.
Usually at noon. A nice walk with my husband then we go again before dinner. Sometimes I go for a 5 mile bike ride by myself during the day.
Mariah E.
Morning. I don't do it first thing when I wake up since I have a baby. We snuggle and nurse and my older kiddo comes in too. Then we all get up and ready, sometimes we go for a run or bike ride before breakfast, sometimes I feed them then do my workout while baby naps and brother plays or does school work. I exercise before I eat though as much as possible. Even if it's just the 7 minute workout, which I love!
Fahmid E.
Usually it depends.I try to do it within a range of certain period of time.I do it when I have nothing else on my mind to worry about and no need to rush it.I follow the time log I prepare the day before the current day and mostly follow through it so that I have no rush to follow through.I usually find myself free at 9pm (it’s quarantine period so it might change just a little bit depending on how busy my schedule gets after).I know you’ll find yourself a suitable time and consistently follow through it.Me,other users and the fabulous app itself are rooting for you.Best of luck!
Trudi F.
In the morning after a cup of coffee. I sleep in what I'm gonna work out in (minus shoes of course), jump out of bed to start keurig, then brush my teeth, while the coffee is brewing, then hit the gym
Th O T.
First thing in the morning as I like it for yoga. But I think it's all very dependent on your life. If you have children who wake up before you or a job that requires you to get up very early, it might be good to look at other times of the day. Plan it around your life and schedule.
Dawid J.
Actually right after I get up from bed and before I start asking myself what I'm doing. I set up my favourite tabata song and just start doing whatever exercise comes to my head first.
Amy S.
I exercise in the morning around 6:15 or 6:20 am
I set my alarm to wake me up at 6:15,when I wake up I drink a cup of water first to start my day,drinking a lot of water is good for your health and body
I have two applications that remind me to drink water so I don't forget
And exercising in the morning helps me cause I receive fresh morning air when I meditate which is also good for you
And exercising in the morning helps me not to procrastinate and it also helps me start my day
Anyway wish you all the best in your journey to being fabulous
Luca E.
I exercise nearly first thing in the morning. I get up around 9am, have some water, then get up and roll my mat out. For now, since I’m just starting, I’ve been doing short but effective 20-minute yoga routines.
Estelle T.
You don't have to be an expert on circadian rhythms to determine the best time to exercise. Steven Aldana, PhD, advises trying different times of the day. Work out in the morning for a few weeks, then try noon, then early evening
Marcus W.
Whenever i want to, I know a specific time will develop a habit on you, but I tend to go whenever I feel like it during The day
Ivonete P.
I usually exercise first thing in the morning! I get up, make my bed, and then get to work. I feel like it really starts my day off right to get my workout in first thing. I get that that isn't an option for everyone though (it isn't even always an option for me), and I think another good option is mid to late afternoon. It leaves time for your lunch to digest fully (at least 2 hours) and let's me get showered and clean before dinner and bed.
Hayley Z.
I try to exercise in the morning to keep my energy up throughout the day. That’s not always possible though, and at this point I’ll aim for late afternoon.
Rachel U.
During covid, I'm going in the middle of the day. I'd prefer to go early morning, but I'm just glad that I'm getting outside and getting it done 😊
Whitney P.
When I have the most motivation, either right before breakfast or right when I get home from work- before my energy is depleted.