How long does your morning exercise take?

Kat J.
Anything between 15-45mins in the morning. I try to do another 15mins in the afternoon to release the stresses of the day 😊
Ran E.
it’s alot
first i do yoga and then worm up
abs work out and finish it up with stretch
but i don’t have anything to do all day so i do all of that now to be free the whole day
Aubrey Y.
For now, I am using the 8 minute timer the app provides. Once I feel like the habit has been established, I’ll increase the time. Besides the timer, I sprinkle little exercises throughout the day to keep myself moving because I have an office job and I’m in school, so I’m sitting too much. I’ll do 20 squats before I sit at my desk, or I’ll do leg lifts at my desks
Brett G.
I like to exercise in the afternoon because it fits my schedule better, but depending on what I’m doing the length varies. If I am running I’ll run a mile, not a specific time. But I would say a good workout time is around 30 minutes. Depending on how easy this is you may want to add more time or a little less. B at luck on your journey!
Wilma I.
I usually go on a short walk with my dog. Maybe fifteen minutes or so… I'm not really sure. But even the smallest amount of time and energy spent is a win 🙂
Ljubica U.
Usually I'll set aside no less then a solid 10 minutes to move my body even if it's just dancing to a little playlist. Mainly just to warm up for the day. I have a gastro disorder so mornings are really hard to get moving. Later in the day I will do more of a workout.
Alyssa U.
Depending on the Exercise. Sometimes it's just a walk in the morning and sometimes it's doing a few exercise routines at home. But I do feel so much Better when I've achieved both in the morning.
Briseida I.
Depends on my mood and how much time I have in the morning! Some days I just need a 5 minute walk, other days I like to do Cardio and Strength training for an hour, and there are times when a 10 minute stretch will do or just dancing around to a song. I try to keep it under an hour, unless it's something that takes more time like hiking or kayaking.
Daniela N.
I have not taken a morning exercise yet but I’m sure it will be very short since I have school and I wake up really early and have very little time because I live so far from my school
Johanna F.
My morning exercise takes me 45 minutes when I do it completely. But sometimes my energy gets down or my mind is tired, so I loose the motivation. In those times, my morning exercise takes me 4 minutes.
Dona N.
It varies. On a busy morning, I try to do at least 10 minutes. I realize that doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s better than nothing.
Akujenias F.
My morning routine only takes me about five minutes. My workout fits in even if it's only dancing to one song I start small so I follow through every morning.
Sara N.
long,especially because i’m a lazy person and i procrastinate A LOT.
my phone suck my time and in the back of my mind I KNOW that i have to stop but i can’t bring myself to do that. so yea long 😭
Evan P.
My morning exercise usually takes 15 to 20 minutes when I feel motivated. But, when I'm feeling lazy or tired I usually exercise for only 7 to 10 minutes to practice consistency.
Augustin T.
I usually do a pretty quick one but most of the exercises include core, legs and upper body so they don’t have to take as long
Elise N.
My morning exercise routine varies, but it takes at least 5 minutes. Sometimes I do like to go for longer times, if I’ve got the time.