How to make exercise is a daily habit in my life? Thanks

Favour P.
I'm going to steal a little bit of information from fabulous sorry🤭. Well first keep your workout clothes close to you before sleeping to remind yourself of your goal. I'll advice you do the exercise in the morning for better efficiency. Then secondly know what you're supposed to do daily then set a time for work out, cause if the time for workout clashes with the time you need to do something else you might likely skip it. I guess that probably means you'll have to wake up at least 10 minutes before your usual time. And very importantly exercise is one of the ways we can love, care and connect with ourselves especially when you start seeing some positive changes in your physical state and mental state too, always remember and anticipate the joy you feel after achieving each exercise event, thank you.
Paul O.
Try to do it everyday, but don't force myself if I feel not up to it (if I'm sick or tired). Prepare for exercises the day before. Motivational talks.