What do you do on days when you can’t exercise and you feel burned out, but you want to because you know it is good for you?

Leslie Q.
Today was one of those days tbh. I woke up a little later than usual and all i wanted to do was get back into bed and sleep. i totally did get back into bed but my sister was also in the room so i said out loud “i need to run but i’m so tired” and she goes “run, run, run!” So i got out of bed and went for a run. Having someone motivate me when i am struggling is very helpful
Freja W.
I really wanted to exercise but you know, I'm a very lazy person. I don't have enough courage to do it. I try and try. So what I do on days when I can't exercise outdoors maybe I'll just exercise indoors. But you know what? I think if that situation happens maybe I'll just resting at home on the couch watching drama or scrolling social media. That's just me. That's just what I like to do
Hu Z.
I force myself to 10in exercise, convincing me that short time better than nothing. Whenever I finish z 10 min, I be ready for more.
Pauline A.
I have days when i get really bad cramps due to me getting too into me previous day's workout and working myself out too much. I usually rest when i have really bad cramps, but if i really want to exercise i usually do dance. Dancing is something that makes me feel like my body actually did some work, and it instantly plus me in a good mood.
Linda C.
Watch inspirational people and watch aesthetic and happy morning and night routines and get yourself in the feels to be happy and productive and then meditate and tell yourself it's good for you. Imagine yourself a week from now, and think of you with the PERFECT body and being so so so happy with you. Then tell yourself do this, because your gonna be so happy and feel so proud when your done. Let's get this done and let's sweet!! Get some productive workout clothes on and have some fun! Don't forget to take breaks when you need them!! It's not cheating just to take breaks! Good luck to you!!!!💘🦵🤜💪 Remember stay hydrated! 🌊 💦
J D N.
What i would to are some easy one so for say that im stuck in bed because im sick or something i can do spme leg raisers in bed or my legs are broken i can do some arm stretching but if im like sick and physically tored i would stick to something chill like yoga and once im better get back to working out
Janina Y.
I try to give myself a break or dance to a couple of songs as exercise or just go on a walk. I feel good when I exercise so I try to do it when I truly need it or want it. Otherwise I am working hard to give myself breaks
Diana N.
I would recommend a yoga routine or a quick stretch. If your feeling up to it try a quick 1 or 2 min workout then have a relaxing shower. Sometimes theres days where you need to listen to your body and take a break
Katie A.
I keep sets of small weights (1, 2, 3 lb) in my bedroom and downstairs where I spend my time. If you don't have access to dumbbells, resistance bands are much cheaper and easier to store.

I'll grab a set and do some simple movements like a bicep curl into a press (? still not sure on terminology but the one where you straighten your arms above your head). I only do movements that I know will feel good and won't break me into a sweat. I always end up wanting to either do more or stretch, neither of which I would've done if I hadn't picked up the weights.

This is a successful workout: You're moving your body purposefully, paying attention to it, and being present. By lifting just a couple of times, I'm forced to listen to my body and what it needs today. Remember, you're supposed to have rest days! Good luck 🙂

Rolf Peter J.
Feeling burnt out is completely okay. You don’t have to blame yourself for that. Exercising sure is good for you, but if you feel tired and uncomfortable you don’t have to do it! In these days of exhaustion, the best things you can do are the ones that you love! It can be whatever you want: painting, meditating or just watching the view. Don’t feel obligated to exercise, because your mental health is just as important as your physical one, so these days of resting are very important! Hope you are doing well, have a great day!!