How did exercise change your life?

M Lani Z.
It not just help you improve physically but also boosts your confidence level by making you in a shape. It improves your blood circulation which makes you feel actually alive

Brittany N.
Yes it changed my life for the better. Exercise helped me get more energy, a sense of achievement in my life. I lost weight because of it, which is an added benefit and I am my healthiest and fittest self. I gave me the inspiration to groom myself and look and be a better person. It has dramatically improved my eating habits. Now it a permanent habit without which i cannot live.

Alexander X.
So far nothing but for now I do rope jumping to get me going in the morning

Naja P.
I have 3 online jobs and I get very stressed out. Being able to go to the gym for an hour during the day allows me to completely forget about everything and sweat out all of my worries. Its given me more energy and I actually want to go everyday! It feels weird when I don't work out now. Working out is time for me and my body is thanking me for it :).

Juliana Z.
It boosted my self confidence and self esteem! Also, with thyroid problems, it helps regulate my energy levels!

Marinho E.
It is making an impact, it is still a work in progress, I haven't reached the point to do it every day but I keep trying. It does make me feel good. I start the day Happy

Emmie Z.
Has helped with health issues, given me more energy, and increased my productivity along with my confidence. 😊

Arron Y.
Exercise has done so much for me. It gives me more energy for each day, it provides a healthy outlet to get rid of my frustrations, it clears my head, and it makes me feel physically and mentally stronger. Exercising in the morning changes my outlook of the entire day.

Lotti U.
It made me more positive. It made me feel good about myself.

Ariane O.
Exercise has given me so much more energy. I don't feel like falling asleep in class anymore, plus I've found that I don't need to eat as much food so long as I'm active. I exercise in the morning, before any excuses come up as to why I shouldn't. I can run faster and for longer and I can do pushups. I have more energy to play with my dogs, too. I've even found myself (as an artist) more inspired than ever before!

Christopher F.
It gave me more energy in the morning. It also made me feel better in the skin I am in.

Caroline P.
Short term, it makes you feel proud of having the discipline to take care of yourself. Despite sore muscles, it really does give you new energy. Long term you will overall feel better about yourself and your body. You become more flexible, agile, stronger, and that results in being more happy about who you are.

Johnni C.
I was born into exercising. I was swimming when I was 2 months and competitions when I was 7 years. Then I quit when I was 14 and ultimately became depressed and developed an eating disorder. Since setting a goal to get back into the water and do ocean swims and marathons I’ve begun exercising daily again and I’m genuinely so happy. I’m slowly recovering from my eating disorder but I will always have body dismorphia and it’s hard to deal with. I’m slowly dealing more with my depression although it is a constant battle.

Daisy Q.
I see progress and change in my life. Because of that change I've made in my life I feel like I can do anything else I put my mind to. I can take pride in my day and have something to look forward to. it showed me that I can change my habits and grow to be one of the people who I have envied

Anton W.
I am fitter in the morning and do not nearly sleep when eating breakfast. I gained some muscles and lost some weight. Even though it's not always easy to begin the exercise. After that I feel much better and energetic.

Frederik W.
After exercise I feel more energy. so I can improve my productivity.

Rose U.
Exercise has helped me be able to focus better on myself and my goals. When I work out, I am able to zone into my body and mind; and I feel more centered.

Pawel U.
I do yoga. When I did high impact aerobics, I sometimes injured myself and my recovery was slow. Yoga gives me flexibility, strength, and sculpts my body. It further calms my mind.

Heinz Dieter F.
It took a good long while (months and months) until I realized that I was doing things I struggled to do before. Planks, for example, hurt my wrists like crazy, but over time and with weekly practice my body got used to the position and now my wrists no longer scream for a rest. It feels good to recognize those improvements and serves as motivation to continue exercising.

Gordon Z.
Exercise improves my self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. (Ive a history of anxiety, depression and struggling to function). It's also improved my moods. My biggest regret is not continuing exercising the last time I did the Fabulous exercise journey. I'm now repeating it!

Natalija S.
I really believe that exercise has allowed me to hold my job, haha. I've struggled with depression the past few years but was lucky to have a part time job that wasn't demanding. Recently (a few months ago) I got a job that pays much better but is a huge amount of work. Also I've been off antidepressants for a year+ and currently have no access to psychotherapy. But about 8 months ago I started bike riding 3 times a week and it has helped me keep my spirits and stamina up a lot! Plus I don't get winded going up stairs anymore :). There's been a couple of times that the work load has been so heavy that I neglected my bike rides for a couple of weeks – whenever I did have the time I just wanted to finally relax instead. And I've noticed that towards the end of these periods my depressive symptoms are coming back, I'm less happy and less hopeful about work. When this spurs me to make time for biking again, the symptoms soon go away!

June T.
I feel more ready for the day. It wakes me up before being pushed into the busy day at work. I am having issues with waking up earlier as I am naturally nocturnal

Quintino Z.
It made me realise how I was ignoring my Physical Fitness and made me realise how weak my body became…this exercise routine made me realise that to lead a healthy and strong life it's very essential to exercise every single day of our lives

Liam Q.
I had not thought of it that way. But exercise has changed my life.
I have found the bounce that used to be in my step. I again hear people telling me how fast I walk. I did not realize how my gait had changed. Getting out of shape happens the same way that your brakes go bad on your car. You don't realize at first that they /you are diminishing and that you are naturally making adjustments for their loss of effectiveness. Then something happens and they have to be replaced. For me it was when I realized that walking upstairs had become a chore. Wait a minute. This is crazy. If I had to do four floors to reach my daughters in an emergency I couldn't do it.
I had to change. I really started by using the steps at work. After every bathroom visit I would go to the stairway I passed on the way and walk up four floors and back down. I did not do it smoothly at first at all. That and a Galaxy sport watch made me get a goal of ten flights a day by last December. I made it.
I knew that I needed more. I thought of exercises that I liked and what I needed. I put together things that worked for me. That was when I combined Tai Chi warm up excersizes I remembered with a few things from the 8 minute workout. It was over 15 minutes worth. I kept extending the planks I added.
I know now that the biggest key for me was that I wanted the change. I was not interested in what anyone else thought about it. It wasn't necessary that anyone else even know about it. I did not know if I could do it daily, but I tried. I remembered people I know who excersize daily and that helped inspire me. They were not better nor worse than me. They just did it. The more I did it the more I wanted to do it. That still applies. I look forward to it. It is a necessary part of every day. I even bought a mat because I knew the planks were always going to be part of my day and that could be a problem for my elbows. My energy has changed. I feel like I can get all of the things done that I desire to do with whatever life I have left in these "mortal coils". My brain is waking again with the unbound potential of a college student. Now to use Fabulous to gather these things and focus them for neverending growth.

Alma J.
Exercise gave me time for myself and my body. To think about my body in terms of strength and not flaws. When I'm exercising, I can't focus on anything else-my hopes, my fears, my worries, the day ahead- it helps me stay in the moment, even for a little bit. It gives me a tangible goal (doing more reps, gaining muscle definition). It's hard to get into, but it's worth it every time.

Arron U.
HI, first I feel that I must tell you that I am 81 and I cannot follow the exercise program given by Fabulous because I have physical issues that prevent me from doing their program.
That said, I exercise every day using a stretching program that takes a long time each day, but it can by done throughout the day, stretching different parts of your body. I start every day, usually doing the whole program because I love doing it. I, sometimes, just stretch my legs before I get out of my bed. I begin the program by drinking some water. I give myself a strenuous workout. It is important to stretch to just before you feel a little pain. You will be able to stretch more and more each day until you have a good real strefch. It feels so good! I also do 15 minutes of bouncing on a rebounder because I want to keep my heart pumping well and it is fun. I have a rebounder with a bar surround around for balance and safety!During the daytime it takes a short time to stretch todifferent parts of you, like your arms, neck and back During the summer, I exercise, stretch and float, while meditating. All this doing a program I learned from phyiotherapists over 45 years ago. I have the type of body that cannot sink. I read while floating!
Now, to answer your question, exercise has made a very significant change in my life. I must tell you that I have a Major Depressive Disorder which causes one to say to themselves, "Why exercise? It won't make a difference?" I always kept negative thoughts about myself that were untrue and hurtful to my Psyche. I was obese for about 50 years, as an adult, eating to fill a void in my life.
I want to let you know that I was really a good person. I just didn't know it. I raised three extremely great, warm and loving sons! I volunteered to help kids in high school to read because they were the ones that had teachers didn't help them. I volunteered in hospitals 5 days a week in emergency and paliative care when it first came to North America. I have a wonderful husband who, unfortunately, was out of town, during most of our marriage. However, we are married over 60 years and are very happy.
I joined Fabulous last January, I have been following the program ever since. I feel good! I have much pain in my body than before. I can bend down to pick up my "little " Shih Tzu dog who should weigh about 12 pounds but, weighs about 16 pounds plus, like her father. I can easily bend, now to pick her up a dozen times a day! This is a "fabulous" program. You will feel great if you do what they suggest
I FEEL FABULOUS SINCE EXERCISING. I FEEL LESS PAIN AND I FEEL GOOD IN MY OWN SKIN, which is wrinkled! Because of a health problem, I have lost about 90 pounds over the past few years. The best thing, other than Fabulous, was getting me going. I can now shop for clothes in a regular store, not the specialty stores!
Please give it a really good try. Sending you my best wishes for you to follow the program

Lino N.
First of all is about creating a positive habit for life. Long, short, intense or lighter, exercising becomes part of your routine and, in the end, part of you.
Secondly, exercising everyday is a great willpower power-up. To exercise when you are tired, when you are seek, when you feel demotivated or too lazy to do it requires willpower.
Thirdly, as recent studies are showing, moving helps to develop the brain. Complexe motions are not only building strength and flexibility but also a sharper mind and a healthier brain. Lastly, through the exercise you can maximizes chances to a longer and happier old age.

Reinhard E.
At first, excercise seemed a very hard chore for me to do every morning but I kept going and preserving because I looked at the positives of excercise such as losing weight and feeling more healthy & happy. If you look at excercise as a chore then you'll never have any motivation to do it but if you see it as something positive then you feel happy every time that you excercise

Eva Z.
I used to always feel too tired to do anything. As a result, depression came. I needed to move and exercise no matter how tired I felt so I got out of my apartment and walked to the grocery store. After I finished shopping for my groceries, I walked back home. I felt better. I started walking some more and doing other exercises that I enjoyed doing. Then I made exercise as my routine because it helped me physically and mentally. I'm not always tired or depress. Exercise changed my life.

Jamie J.
Increasingly the excercise seems to have as much mental health consequences as physical consequences. I feel happier less stressed and more in control of my eating if I exercise first and sometimes eat just a little but then exercise and I don’t want more. Since I’m not particularly sure what hole I’m trying to fill with food I can use exercise to fill the hole at least temporarily day by day.

Silke F.
I have started working out only ten minutes every morning and I feel so much stronger, more energetic, and more confident. You notice small positive changes in your body and that is great.

Carla P.
It made me more focused on me, actually. I will be 100% honest: I hate exercise. HATE IT, but it makes me feel better after, so I do it and celebrate my success. It keeps me focused on my overall goals

Ria Q.
Gave me more confidence in myself and made me more energetic and happy.

Nicklas F.
Gives me more energy, makes me feel better mentally

Edwin J.
exercise makes you feel so much better from a physical, emotional and mental point of view. in the aspect of science, it releases dopamine and other chemicals into your brain making you feel happy and overall you feel better about yourself. i love exercise because it makes me feel like the best version of me, when i don’t exercise i feel slow and sluggish mentally and physically but happy and excited when i do exercise. plus it gives you so many health benefits and helps contribute to your body fighting against viruses and diseases. exercise has changed my life for the better and i hope it does to yours too 🙂

Daniel W.
I have been exercising every weekday morning for as long as I can remember and I can tell you that it does start my workdays off on a positive, invigorated and energetically charged, happy note. I hate the feeling when I miss a workout.

Rita G.
It gives me energy so I am less tired. and it makes me strong phisically & mentally so I can do more. Some everyday challenges became easier since I am stronger.

Ricky Z.
It gave me a feeling of instant boost of energy running through my veins straight from the morning

Lisa P.
Daily exercise increase my healthy condition and productivity also. so I living very happy with my family.

Elmer C.
It keeps me agile and able to move easily as I age.

Margitta X.
Honestly, it was not easy for me to left a warm bed and go cold weather outside but I just spoke to myself about make 10 minutes of great your life and I was wondering what if I start a day with great achievement?.

Sebastian T.
It’s helped me feel productive in the morning. After a workout I feel really accomplished and I’m seeing how my body is toning up and how strong it feels too! Its inspiring and when my only excuse is “I can’t be bothered”, I know I can always get myself over that because I can be bothered being healthy and feeling happy!

Axel S.
Exercise has helped me in multiple ways. First, it just makes me happier in general! I feel better and my body appreciates the effort. Any amount of exercise can increase your health, and you can tell.

Mathilda Z.
It has given me more energy through the day more motivation and confidence and more peace and relaxation when going to bed at night.

Martha T.
Exercise gives me a sense of accomplishment every time I do it. It translates into my ability to fight the battle of negativity that precedes it at times when I feel like skipping one day. Of choice, it is good for my body and mind; but I think it is particularly good for my own personal sense of commitment to myself.

Silje C.
I developed daily habit of drinking water and 40min yoga meditation. But I do walk 6km only on Sunday. It helps me a lot. I am not able to go with running suggestions.

Ivan J.
Exercise, or more specifically strength training, provided me with an outlet for pain and suffering I endured as an addict and alcoholic. Lifting was my escape from the reality of my situation. Although at first I ran from the truth, lifting is part of what helped restore me to life in recovery. It provided me with structure and a framework of my time I desperately needed. Beyond the benefits of lifting that pertain to aesthetics and body composition changes, ut also restored me spiritually and provided a center of peace and calm for me. Powerlifting taught me to always stand up when the weight is on your shoulders (squat), pull yourself up when the load is heavy (deadlift), and always push to the end (bench press).

Constance T.
It feels like I am taking positive steps towards a healthier life. It is still not much, but it is much more than I was doing previously. Even small steps are steps forward.

Emma C.
Helped me with handling the stress of my job as a helicopter pilot and the stress of combat. Now whenever I feel anxious or worried about something a little exercise helps to bring down the stress feelings. As a type a person I like to have everything in control and when I feel as though I can’t do that it stresses me out. Getting in a workout, especially a HIIT one helps.

Adrien T.
Made me more sociable, more confident, more empowered to do things for myself and most importantly – mentally more resilient.

George L.
It hasn’t yet. Not in a huge way. But I’m building my exercise routine now and I just feel better. I’m noticing the scale is finally moving. I’m giving myself some ME time in the evening. And I am certainly making healthier choices with my food, because who wants to waste all that effort exercising by eating sweets??

Dittmar Y.
I think it makes me more cheerful. It also makes me less likely to fall asleep in the afternoon. I still find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise in the morning and I have t promise myself that I really do only have to do it for one minute. None of this “it will only be one minute! Plus a five-minute warm-up! Plus a 10 minute cool down! Plus now you have to stretch for 10 minutes! See, it was only one minute!” One minute is one minute, and that’s it. Then later on I go for a walk.

Magnus Z.
For my exercise for now, I take walks with my dog. I’m actually happier now and I feel refreshed every time we are done. Before, I used to let him out in our yard (it’s really big) so I didn’t really do much but this is a healthier approach for both of us! I’m just overall happier.

Marie E.
It got me up out of my bed and on my way to losing 80+ lbs and being a better me.

Dominic X.
Exercise brings me energy, gives me a sense of control and purpose and puts me in a better mood, achieving goals gives me confidence and taking time to exercise makes me realise many things which feel urgent are not

Zuleica P.
It helps me stay awake during the day and it makes me feel healthier and with more energy.

Hilda S.
I have been exercising for a couple of years now, but it was never consistent. I would take a break for 3 4 months at a time and not care. I have recently started excercising regularly and I feel amazing. I feel like I have much more energy and feel more confident about my self. Even if I dont go to the gym some days, I do the 7 minute excercise from the Fabolous app, which helps a lot and gets me sweating. I feel much better about myself and happy that I excercise most days.

Marie J.
I am happier, i sleep better, i have more energy, the feeling of hunger is clear and drives me to eat healthier.

Olivia N.
I have been exercising for the past 2 weeks. Today thanks to Fabulous was my first day of starting my day off with an exercise routine and stretching before I began. So far I feel more energized, alive, happy, able to make better decisions about what I put in my body so I don't lose the effects of the work I put in and if I do slip I make certain I make the next healthy decision. I know I am on the road to being healthier and more physically fit and before when I had lost weight it wasn't because of anything I did it was because I was sick or my diabetes was out of control and therefore I couldn't keep it off because I hadn't made any lifestyle changes. This time however I am overweight but making lifestyle changes that are becoming lifelong habits so that when I lose weight it will be because of work I put in and small changes to help me to maintain it.

Nanna E.
Besides health benefits, it improves my mood and my ability to regulate my emotions, I feel generally more awake and aware, I'm more friendly and patient. Keeping a routine in which I exercise regularly also helps me be fitter for other activities I enjoy, and for adventures the outdoors. I sleep better and have more regular digestion. I also get a chance to see improvements and I'm reminded that constant effort leads to results that cannot be achieved instantly. However, the best part for me is the fun of doing it, whether it's dancing in my room, running, climbing, cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga, etc… I feel present and it's just plain fun.

Alice Q.
Exercise made me more energized than usual. It also helped me do better in school physical education.

Justin X.
A while ago, I used to be very stressed about what I ate – I counted calories, panicked, was always anxious about what I ate. And then one week I realised: what you eat matters less if you're working hard to work it off. I started working out quite a bit, and realised it relieves stress (I'm a student so that's a game changer for me). I now exercise every morning, to wake up and keep fit. It's just ~6 mins every day, but that adds up and it all helps 🙂

Erika G.
Exercise makes me feel great! I love how my body feels as it gets stronger. I love my mind becoming open and more positive feelings grow in me.

In S T.
I find my endurance levels have gotten better. I have more strength and for example, I participated in a 20 mile bike ride a year ago and had to walk a part of it. This year I did it again and my soreness was much less, I was way less tired and only walked a short bit of the steepest part. I’m happy with my workout everyday and have added a workout class with some weights in . Improvements all around