Should i exercise before or after breakfast?

Nabia N.
I should prefer doing exercise before breakfast. It's because exercises works best on empty stomach. But if you want to eat something before exercise I think a low carbohydrated food is good like an apple or banana which digest easily.
Conny X.
I would say if you're excersing a decent amount of time after breakfast, at least thirty minutes, then it's okay, but if not I would recommend a small snack before you exercise and then breakfast after.
Charlotte C.
I would eat BOTH before and after: it’s not good to work out on an empty tank! But I wouldn’t eat too much before exercise as it might sit heavy on your stomach. Remember to drink water before, during and after exercise too – to stay hydrated. Before exercise have a pre-workout drink with electrolytes in, or a small protein bar, then a Whey protein shake for afterwards. Or your usual breakfast e.g. porridge for fibre and slow release of energy. Add fruit to the porridge if possible (frozen fruit is good and will defrost as you heat it in the microwave), and sweeten with honey rather than sugar to help with energy release. Sugar will cause a high, then a low, so it’s best to avoid it. You can drink coffee instead to kickstart your day! I would avoid energy drinks because they dehydrate you and cause a high then low like I mentioned before with sugar intake.
Scarlett C.
Before, you dont want your food to ran around your stomach and then go up your throat and out your mouth(in my opinion).
Tara N.
I tried both and it really depends on your body response. If you are less energetic before breakfast you can eat something or drink a coffee to have better performance during workout. But if you fast or if you feel light and sharp during workout with empty stomach , you keep that gem and go!:)
Margie Q.
Depends on how much time you've got. If you have time to kill, I'd recommend eating a good hearty breakfast, and exercising 45 mins to an hour later. If not, exercise, then eat. If you don't end up feeling good exercising on an empty stomach, you can have a small granola bar or piece of fruit before you exercise.
Carlo Q.
I can speak from personal experience and not from a scientific point of view about what is better.
I feel better when I start exercising first because the body gets in motion and it is better for me to start the day this way than with eating. After eating, I don’t feel like I want to do exercise, as my body starts with digestion.
Also, whenever I don’t feel like exercising, I try to think at my breakfast as a reward for my efforts in exercising, both for the pleasure of the palate and for the relaxing moment after the time of “tension” of my body.
Kelly P.
I dont know whats better but i think i would rather do it before when no one is there but i think it would be easier with a full stomach
Nina O.
It depends. I recommend trying both out but for me personally I need to eat something before I do strength training or else I'll crash. However I can't eat anything within a hour of going for a run so I don't eat before I run.
B R Nice P.
According to me it's better to exercise after eating light breakfast because I tried it and i feel more active ☺️ and when I exercise without eating anything I feel tired after exercise and feel sleepy So I hope You got it what I wanna to say 🙂.
Signe B.
I think you should exercise before breakfast. You are just trying to be active, its not a workout you must complete. So when you feel like you should eat and relax, have a good breakfast.