What do you do when you have no time to run and no place to exercise at home and no gym around?

Loan Y.
You could find workouts that do not require a lot of space. I have been able to do workouts that I could do in a small hallway. Exercises might include standing squats, wall sits, cardio blasts (like jumping jacks, high knees, jog in place), pushups, sit ups, etc. You could use a sturdy chair to do single leg lunges, step ups onto the chair, or tricep dips. It’s all about being creative and using what you have. Bodyweight exercises are surprisingly effective. As for not having time, do some exercises between household tasks. If you have a desk job, get up and take a walk, or climb some stairs. If you are watching tv or waiting for something to cook, do some squats, knock out a few exercises. Make it a part of your day to be more active over all.

Lily G.
Do you have a backyard? That could be an option. I'm sure that you could find somewhere in your home to do a couple squats or run on the spot. Also for time I would say wake up earlier and have more time to go on runs or stuff . Also pick out your clothes the day before so that your morning goes more smoothly and you have more time. Maybe even play music and dance around your room or even on your bed. Hey its exercise.
Yours truly Ash
Keep going it's worth it.

Roibe Rd N.
You can exercise anywhere. Indeed, gym is preferable but you can get an incredible workout done with your own body and objects around the house. Plenty of fantastic apps with free workout plans. Downdog app is giving free yoga and HIIT membership until May. And you can get a good workout done in 20 minutes so saying you do not having time is just a silly excuse. Just get to it!!

Derek R.
I try to walk to work. If the work is too far away then get one or two bus stops off earlier. Also you can do squats while brushing your teeth 😀 Cleaning your home is also a good workout + you get nice reward of having a clean home.

Melody N.
I have been doing in-place workouts, mostly stretches where I make sure to use all my muscles.
Take breaks from sitting and do high-knees, jumping jacks and burpees. You can look up mini workouts and see what works best for you! I know it may not give that same feeling a run might but it’s better to something than nothing!
And maybe if you can just make sure to schedule just 1 run in the week, part of your self care 💛

Jeisha S.
I try at least to do something like squats jumping jacks some abs, whatever’s at my reach. I’d go for 10 of each or stretching. If didn’t had the time I’d take like 1-5 minutes do at least one of them in the bathroom just before getting to then shower.

Lesi N.
I do the right be minute just get moving exercise. Because those quick exercises keep you in shape. Or even a YouTube video or I dance with my kids!

Yinfan Y.
Homegym is the key, use morning time a lot before go to the office, and body control is the life goal, never did and never will forget!