Is it okay that I am only doing 1 minute of exercise a day? I’m on day 3.

Phyo U.
Something is better than nothing! One minute of exercise a day can later lead to more time of efforts on other days in the future.
Tanvi W.
Ummm, no isn't okay to do Exercise for 1 min but if you want to do in short then set your time for 8/9 min that's the Great duration to exercise. I always do for 10 min …. thank you.
Archita T.
Yes, I only do a couple of stretches for my morning exercise although, later in the day I do 100 sit-ups. The stretches are what I count for my Fabulous morning routine.
Felix Z.
Hi, i want to know more about some yoga exercises. I am begginner. I just started yoga. Can you recommend me some exercises that will be not that hard. Thank you.
Deborah J.
Unless there is a medical reason it's a start but increase the most you can
In small increments, 2,3,4…etc You ll motivate yourself every day
Good luck
Lu S S.
Absolutely! In my opinion exercise is about doing what makes you feel good, no matter what type of exercise or how long. Feel free to expand, but if you feel that this is enough (or all you can do) for the moment, so be it! Congrats on consistently exercising the last few days!
Sanja N.
The important things is that you show up every day. 1 minute will soon become 2, 2 minutes will become 3 and so on. Keep up the good work!