How do you keep working out everyday while feeling sore? Any tips for muscle pains?

Yomna Z.
It feels so Good to do exercise everyday it makes me feel more enrgetic for the rest of the day and make me fall a sleep easily and that's so Good that helps me in my sleeping problems
For muscle pain i do a short yoga exercise about 6 to 10 minutes and i think that's a very Good solution
Bianca A.
In my humble opinion, if you are feeling sore, you should rather do yoga or stretch, Exercise may make your pain worse!

My grandma does yoga tutorials from youtube because of pain. And she says that just stretching like that gives her the same energy as exercising, she recommends doing it!

And for muscle pain, many people just use a massager.

Hope it helps!

Howard T.
I love my job and this makes me working oit everyday and also for musce pain you should relax and dont make hard movements. Xoxo
Isaac P.
on days that you’re sore, take it light. maybe do half the weight you would normally do. I use an active recovery day once a week even if i’m not sore just to give my muscles a day to relax.
Hanaya B.
I usually drink a lot of water and stretch for 20 minutes after a workout. Stretching right after usually prevents me from being to sore the next day. Which allows me to keep working out. Also warming up before the actual workout is important.
Mathilde Z.
I drink plenty of water during and after the workout, I noticed that soreness was less severe next day. My former football physician used to recommend coffee with no sugar, also a good hot shower, hot water helps to reduce muscle stress, if soreness is located in a very specific muscle ice also helps