How do you manage to wake up so early every day? I’m trying but it’s hard!

Amancay N.
I have a 9- Midnight daily schedule, and what wakes me up is my baby making noise. I don’t recommend having a kid just to get an alarm clock though! Things that make me want to wake up are: having tea waiting (automatic machines are great), waking up on my schedule not society’s, and having my room at a comfy temperature so I’m not too cold to get up.
Mikkel N.
Well I only wake up at about 8:00. Here are some tips. You can sleep early or get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep to have you energized in the morning. If you don’t want to get up take a sip of water and you will be up.
Lex F.
I am not an early bird myself but I started training myself to wake up early by going to bed 15mins earlier everyday and waking up 15mins earlier everyday. For example if you normally go to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 7am then try to sleep at 10:45 and wake up at 6:45, repeating this everyday until you reach your desired time, whichwill enable your body to gently get accustomed to the change in time for waking up. Remember if you do happen to stay up late don't force yourself to wake up super early because that could lead to a negative effect on you. My best advice is to stick to a time to wake up and sleep, and then workout how you're going to ease into that time by doing the 15mins transition. Hope this helps! 🙂
Betty J.
Part of a good routine in someone to join you in it! My boyfriend, my best friend, my mom and my sister all join me from time to time on morning walks. This way, I am always held accountable to wake up early and get a move on! If you don't have someone to go with you, find a specific thing you want to do when you wake up and make it a date – pick a time and place – then don't be late.
Ka I.
Me cuesta levantarme temprano xq no me gusta. La mejor hora para dormir es la mañana pero eso significa perder parte valioso de mi día
Norman J.
Waking up early takes some planning. It's important to give yourself a few weeks to feel better with the change. The key to waking up early if to get to bed early and to plan what you want to happen in the morning. Think about why you want to get up and the benefits of that. Also be kind to yourself and resist perfectionism. When you fail, which is very normal use it to figure out what needs to happen so you are more likely to succeed. Wishing you the best.
Daphn C.
I think it's a matter of habit. If your sleeping routine becomes solid enough, eaking up early Will only become natural.
Roger Q.
I manage because I want some me time to do things on my own time before I have the time constraints of getting ready for work. It helps that I am a morning person… Or maybe I've made myself into a morning person so that I can get that me time?
Felix W.
I believe it's little about the vibe and aura of the room you sleep in and little about your will. Here are few steps you may follow :
1. Wake up at the same time every day and do not snooze your alarm because by doing that you initiate the cycle once again and might wake up feeling tired and low.
2. Set your curtains in the night in a manner that ambient sunlight gets in after sunrise. The sufficient light will not only wake you up but also cleanse the aura of your room.
3. Find yourself a reason to wake up. We all have hopes and dreams in our lives, find that one thing you'd die to have and think of it every time you don't feel like waking up.
4. Have an interesting and productive morning routine. Keep the phone aside or at least use it productively. Instead of scrolling through social media and mails, listen to meditation sounds specifically designed to activate certain parts of your brain, podcasts and news while you freshen up further continuing with exercise and a relaxing bath. This will make your morning interesting and your body will get into a habit signalling the brain to wake up.
5. Cleanse the aura by scented candles, fresh flowers, good lights and proper ventilation and a little music for garnishing your mornings.
Julieta A.
I don’t. Usually my husband calls me on the phone to check on me getting up. If he’s home I just put an alarm. The fact that I want to spend the day with him gets me outta bed
Aoife Z.
Set yourself a bedtime and stick to it. You don't need to actually go to sleep, but getting into that space and stepping away from screens will help you get a nourishing sleep. From there, it's a case of deciding when you want to wake up in the morning – I aim for 7am with a bedtime of 10pm. I usually read or listen to a meditation for an hour. 11pm-7am is PLENTLY long enough for my body to be ready and rating to go. I've also found that keeping my phone (alarm) and water somewhere a little aways from the bed helps as it encourages me to actually get out of bed to turn off my alarm, and the water helps me wake up and feel energised.
Charlotte S.
Oh well, it’s not like I’m used to it, but I’m beginning to enjoy its benefits (which is, enough time to get all my morning routines in before work starts), so I keep my eye on the end results and overlook the discomfort. I would recommend, set an alarm. A loud one 😂😂
Irene X.
I want to wake up earlier than my kids so the day before I use my imagination for thinking and describing the next day , I focus on the things that I can do and that's it! I wake up very early!
Clifford J.
Tell yourself your goingto wake up early the night before. I do this sometimes and it always works. I never had s a set time to wake up, I just wake up around a time. I would suggest to still have your alarm because this technique could take a little practice.
Savs N.
Go to sleep early or even just push ur self to wake up at that time. And then think about ur future self and how grateful it will be to u for doing this. And making some small sacrifices for more future successes.
Irma J.
I’m having the opposite problem. I wake up normally between 5-6 am. Although if I need to wake up early, I put a soothing alarm clock to wake me up.
Simon E.
Since I’m used to waking up for school at 6am my body naturally gets up at about 8am on the weekends. But try to start a schedule, like eating before 7 to 8, then laying down at about 9 to 9:30 so you can go to bed at about 10. This what I do and I hope I helped.