How do you guys do on weekends? I always talk myself out it.

Chester N.
Yes. I hear you, grl/by. Keep at it. You got this. If it was easy, everyone would do it. YOU matter. YOU are important. YOU are necessary. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Cristiana Q.
I often spend time out with family or friends. However, sometimes I stay at home playing with my siblings. These days we spend it at home due to coronavirus.
Arthur O.
It helps me to focus on how GOOD I feel after I do the rituals, and to ask “what does the weekend mean?” For me, the weekend is not a break from my life or my goals, so it’s not a break from my rituals. Also, I’m a person who can easily become depressed without structure, so I remind myself that if I skip, I’ll feel worse than I do the first five minutes of getting up!
Bryanna U.
I may delay certain things if I sleep in or remove them from the routine if I am doing something else. But weekends is when I get more of my routine done! It may be because I started them on a weekend versus a weekday.
Ward J.
I'm very good with my exercise routine. The other routine items are pretty easy to accomplish on the weekends too. Routine helps make my life feel more in control. So having that self control on the weekend is important to me.
Felisberta A.
Every weekend I try to relax and take a break of the specific routines. I always make plans to meet friends and have some fun!
Katrina O.
I give myself a break from routine on weekends unless I’ve skipped a couple of days during the week. This week, I skipped exercise on Thursday and Friday so I’ve done it this morning and I’ll do it tomorrow instead.
Irene Z.
I am new to this so I am still learning and building. I think the “do it immediately” upon waking approach is the one that has the biggest chance of long term success so I am keeping my commitments small but making sure I get it done. So literally 1 minute of stretching or 8 minutes of exercise. I tend to go-yo to extremes — 1 1/2 hour workout at tge gym then nothing for days. I’m trying to break that pattern.
Jenn C N.
I stay present and focus one task at a time. Start small and feel accomplished and move on to the next. For example, start with simple meditation in the morning to set intention for the day and move forward with work. Take a breather between and nourish myself with quality food.
Audrey E.
Weekends mean more time to do your routine etc, and have fun and do stuff you wanna. Plus doing your routine frees you up to have more fun. You’ve already done what you need to and the feeling of accomplishment lets you more fully enjoy yourself and relax after. Reminding yourself of that in the morning can help, maybe including that in your alarm?
Sanne I.
Omg I have exatly the same. Right now in the weelends I try tocomplete my morning routine but its really hard. When I wake up I first strecht, drink some water, do 10 min a workout and brush my teeth. In the weekend its hard for me to complete that. But in the weekend I have more time to prepare a healthy breakfast. Just dont talk your way out of it you just have to force yourself that you can do it. I know this sounds hard but when your done and you completed everything, trust you will feel amazing.
Herminia S.
I struggle sometimes but I remind myself that it’s an investment in myself and it doesn’t take long when you put it in perspective. If I can get myself to do a single part of the routine it helps motivate me
Theodore O.
During the week… we’ll let’s just say that the weekdays are my least favorite, and the weekends are my favorite. So naturally I love the weekends. Weekdays are kind of a drag, but then the weekend comes and I’m FREE. So that’s that. Ummn… on weekends I feel pretty relieved that I don’t have to keep up expectations for everyone. And on the weekends I can just do what I want when I want.
Cilli E.
On weekend, if I dont have to go to work, I usually spend the day on doing something I find fun. Maybe its cooking a dish thats been on my recipe list, or going out with friends to a nice restaurant, or maybe just spend the day lying on my bed binge watch Netflix. Something I personally enjoy doing 🙂
Sydnee Z.
I create a routine that I look forward to doing, so it would take a lot to talk myself out of it. Also it helps if I do my routine later some days.