Do you employ weights in the morning exercise or do pure calisthenthics?

Ethan F.
Hey! For my early morning workouts I stick to straight calisthenics, just to get my blood flowing! I wait until my late morning/afternoon workout to use weights 🙂
Harry Y.
I’m an older lady, and I have not kept a good habit of exercising through my life. I’m not overweight so a good dance before and after the 1 min workout is what I have worked up to in the past 2 weeks. Hopefully soon I will include a little weight training. I’ve also started to adjust the 7 min workout with exercises that I am capable of doing.
Sarah F.
My walking goal daily is 15,000 steps. To accomplish this, I walk 3 miles to the train station instead of taking a closer bus to work. I sometimes carry 2 lb hand weights with me (if my hands aren’t already full carrying other things) 🙂
Mario J.
I typically do cardio and do high INTENSITY exercises in the morning. I go for a walk in the evening but use it as a way to clear my mind rather than a workout
Zoe S.
I do strength training three times a week for an hour each session and then a spin class three times a week for an hour session. The 7th is devoted to yoga.
Aliana E.
Morning exercise I usually enjoy going for a run or swim, plus sometimes a core workout. Not a huge fan of weights, so not especially keen in the morning.
Jonas C.
I use weights every other day with a goal of about 15-20 total sets of about 8-12 reps. Using weight that gets me close to failure (should be hard). Do this at least 2-3 times per week. Calisthenics are fine, especially if you don’t have access to weights, but depending on the exercise may require more reps than you would otherwise have to do. And I don’t like having to count to 50+. 🙂
Marjorie C.
Every morning I start with streching exercises at home. After that some push ups and planking.
3 times a week I go to the gym. 20 min cardio, 60 min excercises with weights
Carlos J.
No. In the mornings I do simple exercises that get the body moving. I will have a proper workout later during the day anyway.
William C.
I've been doing calisthenics, but I know I ought to incorporate weights. I was thinking maybe rocks in my backpack would work. I have to go collect them, & weigh them.
Nils U.
В утренней гимнастике мне важна растяжка и немного нагрузки. Я не хочу использовать гантели и утяжелители, однако несложные силовые упражнения меня воодушевляют.
Kasper B.
In the morning are usually don’t employ weights, because my morning work out is brief and in my living room. I do my weightlifting at the gym during my 2 to 3 times a week workouts. I do like the feeling of using weights though. I might incorporate them into future morning workouts
Josefine N.
I prefer only push-ups, squats and an easy calf exercise. I can do it anywhere and do not have to keep in mind to carry extra equipment with me whenever I travel 😉
Brooklyn T.
I use weights most of the time, because I enjoy lifting and also love seeing the results. I do have to force myself to go out for cardio more often as well though. Right now I’m trying to do a weight workout 4 times a week and cardio at least twice a week.
Ella G.
I walk. I don’t think it matters what you do to start with as long as you do it. Later you can refine what works best for you.
Ricardo E.
If I'm at home, my exercise is mainly for waking myself up so I only do calisthenic or body weight exercises. When I'm at the gym, I use weights because my goal there is to build strength.
Liva X.
To be honest, I don't do either of those. I dance a little bit in the house, pretending I'm in a nightclub, while I prepare my healthy breakfast and then I walk all way to work, which is 35 minutes walking from my home.
Anna Z.
The app “7 minute workout” is the one I use (it’s a blue app, has an animated dude doing the workouts so that you can see the form and keep pace with him)
I just do the full body workout. My body is the weight 🙂
Bobbie W.
I do calistenthics. I do 30 push-ups, and 30 sit-ups. 2 times a week i also go for a run in the morning. I also do some gym workouts, but i think thats to much for the morning. In the morning i keep it easy, so that i do it everyday 😉
Howard N.
I only use my own body weight when training push ups, dips, sit ups, Pull ups, chin ups. Goin’ to start pumping iron after feb.
Todd T.
I mostly do walking, and not always in the morning. But also I do Hatha yoga āsanas, so I guess that is more like calisthenics.
Osnaura Q.
Depending on the day. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays I use weights during sets for my target areas. Every day I make sure to get in at least 30 minutes of Cardio as well.
Herbert J.
Push-ups sit-ups and squats I use apps called 100 pushups 200 sit-ups and 200 squats it's every other morning and then I run every other morning using the sphere routine in make me fabulous
Pierre T.
The key for me is getting *something* done immediately, every day. If I had weights steps away, that’d be great — but you can drop and do push-ups and body weight squats and a plank literally anywhere
Sofie N.
Some mornings I add a few different kinds of pushups, including weird pushups called "under the fence" that work out the shoulders. Other days I do slow squats and hold for as long as I can, and other days I lay on my back and lift my feet about a foot off the ground and hold.
Charlene C.
I do cardio 6 days a week (running or cycling), then twice a week I do resistance training with weights. I have just recently added yoga two to three times a week to help improve my balance and to relax. Sundays are my day off to rest and recover.
Dean P.
My morning exercise is pure calisthenthics and is based on two overarching principles: Simplicity and variation. For me it’s all about feeling my body wake up