How do i start doing workout everyday without getting tired or pain in muscles?

Clarence F.
I always loved workouts or just to feel my body after a good run and its not a bad thing at all although its hard af. I tried lots of workouts and after all i found the perfect one for me and i always look forward to do it everyday before shower, if you do streches before and after, your muscles won't hurt that much.😘 Don't give up and u will see results❤️
Maria G.
So, I'm a person that normally would never exercise in the morning. However, Fabulous has provided me with a simple yoga/stretching program that consists of a few exercises, each held for 20 seconds. Start exercising immediately after doing your morning routine in the bathroom and drinking a glass of water. This way you will not feel tired and you will feel motivated to exercise. Do simple exercises for 20 seconds so that you don't have any muscle pain and take quick breaks in between if you need to. Breathe and have fun!
Ilona Z.
Take one step at a time, don't challange yourself too hard. Then you could add something a little more to your workout routine. And don't forget to choose the right workout routine for your body. Stay safe!
Mg N.
I think that after a good night sleep it is possible to have enough energy to move a bit having in mind the nice breakfast you will have soon after. Stretching is fundamental to avoid soaring muscles 💪🏼
Whitney A.
While mild muscle soreness and fatigue are normal when beginning a workout program, it’s best to start light to avoid pain or injury. I recommend starting with only 5-7 exercises targeting your upper and lower body, doing just 10 repetitions for each exercise, for the first week or 2. This will give you an idea of how much to increase or reduce your workout. If you want to use weights, start with only 2-5 lbs.
Alessandro I.
by doing really little thing at the start, like 5 push-ups, and then, when you are fitted you go with 10-15 and so on. you have to start small if you want to improve