Do you eat before morning exercise or after morning exercise? Sometimes after I had a good breakfast, I felt too full to exercise. Or I don’t feeling like exercising with a lot of coffee inside my stomach.

Cody N.
Eat after you exercise because if you do you’ll burn more fat because you have no food to digest. You’ll also recover faster
Cat N.
I always work out before I have anything to eat in the morning, but you can do it either way depending on what your goal is. If your goal is to obtain muscle and lose fat, work out before you eat, if your goal is to gain weight, then sat before you work out.
Anastasiia X.
I always exercise as early as possible in the morning before breakfast. I just drink water and then do this routine. So, I can eat and drink tea or coffee after I did some exercise. It's easier to do
Syri E.
I do not eat before I exercise. I was cause my stomach to hurt or even worse to vomit. It's always best to eat after, especially when you had a good exercise!