How can i stay on routine working shifts

Lene O.
By being aware that it has benefits. In your health . In your motivation to wake up every morning. And also with more energy to keep your body healthy and to have more willing to complete your tasks
Jacob E.
Be motivated, wake up with the routine in mind and step by step finish it, checking it on the app to make sure you didn't forget anything. Tick it one by one and enjoy the thought that you've done it.
Valdemar B.
Dedicating a slot same time everyday for whatever it is you deem important……committ to it like its a mandatory do or die…..when you feel yourself slacking communicate that to yourself
Ute U.
I would say it depends on what is in your routine and what your work is. For drinking water I would recommend a water app to help keep track of your water consumption. My friend said to carry a huge water bottle with you, and take a few big gulps of water every 15-20 min. If you are trying to exercise every day, I would look at my schedule and see when I could fit it in. Sometimes it meant setting an alarm and getting up early other times it meant doing exercise on my lunch break. I hope these tips help. Best of luck to you! 🥰