Do you experience workout lows?

Sofia C.
Definitely, i lose motivation insanely quick which makes it so difficult. However remembering why you started or what you want to change helps me a lot 🙂
Katy Y.
Sometimes when I feel overworked or tired I really don’t want to workout so I either don’t at all or have a really slow and not so great workout.
Shubhra Z.
Yes definitely. Somedays when i am not feeling good enough to get through the whole workout, I put on some upbeat favourite music to help me. Ither times when it feels physically impossible to do the workout, in order to not break habit, i reduce the amount of exercise i do. It could be reducing time, reps, or intensity.
Juliana G.
If a workout loe is a time when you dont feel like working out then yes I do, there are some times when i just dont feel like working out, so what I do are some small things that still get me active but aren't necessarily workouts like yoga or even something simple as walking around.