How do you make yourself exercise after work?

Amalie Z.
Well, one way to do it is by playing a part playlist to hype myself and then I start dancing to the rythm, but another way to achieve it is by talking a little walk before getting comfy
Hannah Z.
It's really hard to do it after work but I found if I do it right after work I do better. I have also found that if I don't sit down when I'm home to eat really quick I feel better about working out.
Valentina N.
I keep mind in thinking that maybe the action of exercising may not be very attractive at the moment but what drives me to do it anyways is the result of it. Health, happiness, relaxation, great body, among others. Who know, perhaps I’ll start to enjoying doing it and it wouldn’t no longer feel like an obligation.
Eline Y.
I exercise first thing in the morning. I look in the mirror and remind myself of my goal and my current progress. That usually get me in the mood to work out.
Delores O.
I used to exercise after work. And if I do it’s because I need some me time. But I started working out in the morning instead. Seems to help
Holly W.
Have your workout clothes already set up. You may want them in you’re work bag, or have them Set up in the first room you walk into. I like to think abut where i want to Ben and where’s i am now and that helped me a lot. Hope this helps!
Eric E.
Well… I first drank water then I exercised and im sorry i dont have a job I'm only 8 years old, I want to be healthy and stronger cause I'm really weak so does that awnser your question?
Sara N.
I usually listen to my body when i’m extra tiered i wouldn’t workout but you also need to remind yourself of the feeling you’ll get after and how much your body needs working out and think of your goals and motivations and always do what you can never more
Good luck ❤️
Name F.
I don’t usually exercise after work, and don’t recommend it as well, when you are tired it’s hard to start exercising, it becomes burden not a motivation as it should be, I would recommend exercising before work but if it’s impossible for you, try exercising after work and before rest make it intermediate state between work and rest, like doorway to rest, I mean don’t rest after work exercise straigt up, even if you are really tired don’t rest do less exercise just don’t rest before exercise, because after rest exercise is harder to start, so when you finish your work exercise and then rest and make this rest really positive like reward for exercising. Best regards some random fabulous user.
Ps. This might not be what you were looking for but this is all I know, sorry if it doesn’t help you.