I am benefitting from a brief morning exercise session as part of my morning routine. But I get my full workout at the gym to her three times per week. I’d like to know what others are doing. Are you building your major exercising into your morning sessions? Or are you a morning session exercises just mini ones (like mine)? Thanks for your feedback!

Rose A.
I think it’s an individual decision. I’m older so I need morning exercise combined with stretching before and after. To get any benefit for me I’m doing about 30 minutes including the stretching. I find the benefits for morning exercise is waking up mentally and physically. I want these changes to work for me and they should work for you!
Waltraut E.
I’m getting gradually into the morning work out routine, so my body can start implementing the various excercises at its pace.
For now I’m on a two week morning yoga lesson, 15 minutes, plus the 8 minute workout I found on fabulous. Two or three times the week I also walk at a fast pace for 9 kms more or less.
This has been working for me now, but I’ll soon get more excercises in the morning.
Roxane C.
It’s a mix. I haven’t quite sorted it out, because I usually work out with a friend shortly before lunch 3 days a week. I live in a condo so “dancing around” on top of my downstairs neighbors head at 6 am seems obnoxious. So on days when I work out I count the later workout as part of my morning — other days I try to get out and go for a short walk after I’ve had breakfast and before I start work.
Marius A.
Hi so ultimately I would like my main exercising to be in the morning but since my main exercise is swim practice in the afternoon I can’t. My morning exercise is a mini session just to start my day. When swim season is over I will probably start going to the gym in the morning because I want to become more of a morning person
Nikolaj U.
I do a bit of running only in this brief morning session. As I wanted to start with a habit and hold to it in the long run.
Emilia X.
I’ve been slowly incorporating more exercises in the morning. At the beginning I was counting as a 15 min brisk walk with my dog as my exercise. Now I do more of a 10 min walk followed by 3-5 differentbody weight exercises. Some mornings when I don’t do more than my walk, I try to go to the gym, usually in the evening. I am trying to figure out my time management so I can do a quick 15-20 minutes of simple body weight exercises in the morning and also hit the gym in the afternoons or evenings. Sometimes I replace the gym with fun athletic activities like jujutsu or rock climbing. Overall, it depends on what you want. I suggest slowly incorporating a little bit more into your morning exercises and see how that feels.
Malthe Z.
I do a moderate exercise routine every day. Most days it's in the mornings, but on the days I schedule for the afternoon I also include a short morning session to maintain my daily routine. The short sessions are very light and are mostly to wake up my body and get energized for the day.
Livio E.
Mine is a mini-exercise session, too, and a run or walk at the gym after work! It does help to have a little bit of exercise in the AM though—even though I’d like to get up early enough to do a full workout, I’m not as much of a morning person!
Jeffery U.
Depends what I’m able to budget time for and how I’m feeling. Sometimes I go for an hour swim or yoga class, sometimes I get to the gym, sometimes I do a mini workout at home or in my break at work. And sometimes I exercise in the afternoon or evening if I have specific plans such as going skiing or skating with friends
Judith Z.
This period of my life I want no to do exercises for the body. My works are most Sedentary, but I cut a piece of my day, usually during the solar noon, for spend a walk in the park in front of my apartment. This is possible only when the weather is good, without snow-rain-wind, just because it could be dangerous.
Taylor C.
Hi! That's a interesting question. When I started, I was also doing just a small exercise program (the one from fabulous) but nothing else for the rest of the day. And back then it was enough. But then I wanted to "upgrade" to a 50 min program I found online (a thug one). The thing is, I don't have much time to do it later than in the morning. Besides, my new program was more than enough for one day, so now I do the longer exercise through the morning. For more than 6 months now that I try to follow that program. I get progress way more quickly and since it is in the morning it makes me happy about it for the rest of the day and I feel physically more empowered during the day (I get to use the stairs more often, walk to the bus instead of using the car the whole day, etc). Also, it was more hard to me to follow the small program since it was smaller and it felt okay to skip that one because it wouldn't make that much of a difference (did I make sense?). I hope this information can help you!
Caroline Z.
I do it both ways. If I have the time in the morning to fit in a full work-out then I will so that it’s done with for the day. Otherwise, I’ll just do something quick in the morning so that I can maintain the routine.
Maelya E.
That's kinda funny because mine is the exact same. It's pushups in the morning but they aren't much connected to the three workouts a week I try for.
Brett J.
I’m almost strictly a morning exerciser, by default – I have classes and activities after work which preclude me from working out in the evenings. What I’m doing is trying to build the *habit* of exercising, and as the days pass, I’m trying to increase the length of time and intensity level. So far, it’s working out pretty well!
Valdira Q.
My morning exercise sets the pace for my day and creates energy for later activities. I’m more active all day and tend to get my aerobic exercise later in the day. If something happens & I can’t exercise later in the day, I know that I did SOMETHING in the morning (success!).
Henryk X.
I'm doing a mini exercise in the morning, I was already doing yoga before and I thought I would connect the two, so I would be more warmed up by the time I start the the yoga session, but it doesn't come naturally to me.
I love to get outside early in the morning, bike around in the park, get my blood flowing, say hi to some animals on my way and enjoy the first rays of sunshine.
And I also love to do the more stretching type of yoga in the evening, after a long day of mostly sitting, it feels amazing.
So it just works for me like this. If your schedule works for you I wouldn't worry about it.
Lydia J.
I think you should do what is best for you based on your schedule. Moving any time of day is good for you! I will not exercise if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, so I like to do my big workout as a part of my morning routine. The three days I work won’t allow for my normal morning routine so I will do it the way you are doing it. I was wondering how I would make it work, so thank you for the idea!
Meta T.
My morning exercise is just dancing in the kitchen, and then I walk 40 minutes to work. Right now that’s all the exercise I get. I’m taking baby steps
Patrik C.
For me, it’s been both. I typically work out with a trainer and I know those workouts will be hard! So I may do cardio in the morning even if I’ll get another workout in the afternoon! Or I may just do anneasy walk and lastly, if I’m short on time I’ll just do a short workout.
Joseph U.
I do a quick morning workout of squats, push ups and sit ups to get my blood pumping in the AM. My actual workouts take place after work for the day in the afternoon/evening.
Astrid Z.
My morning exercises are just mini ones for now just to get in the habit of doing exercises every day. That is all my body can handle for now, in stead of full workouts
Sara S.
I prefer to have a very short session of exercise in the morning so that I’m sure I can have it even when I’m in a hurry
Alma Z.
My major exercises at the gym are usually in the morning before my working hours. I usually do the mini ones in the afternoon or the evening.
Ron N.
My morning sessions are mini, and they are all I do, maybe support others who are less abled than you by not being a bragasaurus rex.
Suzanne E.
My morning excerises are the stretches I have been given for my back and shoulder injuries. I then walk around the block 2.5 kms for fresh air and me time away from my three kids. While they are still asleep. My husband isn’t a morning person so he likes staying home. I then take them with me in the afternoons on their bikes or scooters at a slightly faster pace. Only 3 times a week. I also play “ Just Dance” with my girls there is a “ sweat” mode.
Megan O.
I’m a very busy parent (4 children) so definitely mine are short sessions. About 20 minutes. Then i try to squeeze 3-5 minutes here and there throughout my day to reach 30-40 minutes. I just tell myself something is better than nothing.
Judy Z.
Hi, I'm following a similar routine to you and it has been working great so far! I'm only doing a small morning session every day (usually 5-10 minutes) and then run three times a week. Think it's great to have a small session every morning to make sure it can be done every single day wherever you are.
Abdias E.
I workout in my morning routine 6 days a week, the same workout every day (it's a full body workout with medium difficulty, about 30 min) . I don't exercise any further, but occasionally I run. When I run, it's usually 3 times a week for a couple of months. I start very small and try to increase the time of running. (there are many programs and applications that help you start from walking and reach running long distances)
Franklin N.
I consider taking a vigurouse shower as exersize, where I am from it's one bath a week, and may be some amount if brushing……so it's doing way more.
Georgia O.
Definitely a mini morning session. I have to be at work at 720. Ideally I would swim before work but that is a goal for the future. Right now I’m just excited that I’ve managed to create enough time in my morning to walk the dog the WHOLE WAY around the block and enjoy some coffee before rushing out.
August W.
Same! After 3 weeks of Fabulous, discovered that a 5-minute ab routine in the morning and a full gym session in the evening was easier!!
Rhonda S.
I am going for a run every morning it is working for now. I am running with somebody so it makes it easier for me to do it every day. If your mini routine is working for you I would keep on doing it and just build on it, maybe by additionally going to the gym or for a run? In that way if you for some reason had to skip the gym you know you are still keeping up with your mini games exercises. Something is better than nothing!
Guerete S.
I do mini sessions in the morning and a run once a week either in the afternoon or on a weekend morning. I do plan on going twice soon
Terrance O.
I’m having the same conflict! My evening workouts are usually long as I like to incorporate a 15 min ab session, work on my pushups, stretch, and do a main workout of either legs or arms/back. My ultimate goal is to do everything in the morning, but it’s difficult to so suddenly wake up an hour and a half earlier and expend such a large amount of energy. For now, I’ve been doing abs and pushups in the morning, stretching, or both if I allow myself time. In the long run I’d like to do everything in the morning but I’m starting with baby steps and right now this is working well! It’s about an extra 20 mins to half hour added onto my usual morning routine, and it cuts down my evening workout which is also nice.
Nicole P.
They are just mini ones! The reason is because I don’t really have time for the gym because I have school. Thanks for asking!
Friedl T.
Hey, my morning exercises are mostly your 30day challenges so I get in 20min at max and also 20min in the evening then gym for ab 1hour after work.
Marie W.
I have a hard time doing the morning workout, but when I do, it’s a short one. I might do 30 stand up push-ups at the kitchen counter or 15 squats. Sometimes climbing the stairs at work instead of the elevator will count as my workout. Honestly, it depends on my mood. I do try to get to the gym twice a week in the evenings too. Hope this helps!
Katie S.
I just do mini ones in the morning, I am limited to time. I can see me eventually doing full workouts in the morning when there is more daylight and it isn't -30 because it is challenging for me to get motivated to go outside to go to the gym earlier lol
Freja F.
Like you, I over prepare and do just small exercises in the morning. I was doing more, but was finding myself not looking forward to getting out of bed because of it! I decided forming the habit was more important, so now I do a slow combination of yoga and Pilates for about 15mins. I still feel some lasting effects… perhaps because it’s daily.
Katharina X.
I do a mini session each morning as part of my routine so no matter what happens the rest of the day I have completed my exercise. No more excuses of well this happened or that went wrong because I am proactively eliminating any issues by getting 10-20 mins done first thing. In addition to my mini session I train 3-5 days per week running, light weights, and high intensity intervals. I no longer use a gym.

However, I believe you should follow what makes you happy and comfortable as long as you maintain your healthy exercise habit.

Ava Q.
I’m just like you.
I do my full workouts 3 times a week morning time in the days That I don’t have to go to work Or my work is in the afternoon.
I love exercising in the morning because it keeps me grounded, focused and centered all day.

Shelly O.
I’m just doing simple things in between. It helps me wake up a bit, and to clear my head. Even if it’s only five push ups, it’s just something to get me going
Melanie Z.
Twice a week I go to the gym and work out with a trainer doing weights followed by cardio. The other days I’m
Literally just trying to learn dance routines to pop songs because I just love to dance. Always wanted to learn the steps to Rhythm Nation so will work on that one soon!
Jenny Y.
I too am doing mini sessions in the morning but tend to do a longer one mid morning or early evening. As we are retired I’m lucky enough to exercise when I want. I run, walk, do yoga and Pilates and occasionally weights, all help me stay fit to look after the grandchildren!
Gisbert X.
Most of the time it's the same as you, getting a small 5-10min session in the morning and throughout the week get to the gym for a full workout. But if the weather is too bad for me to drive out. I'd do my my morning session into a full workout then continue the day. Hope this helps. 🙂
Logan C.
Since in the mornings you have more energy than maybe after a long day I prefer doing my major exercises in the mornings
Charlotte G.
Exercise help you to get started. There is science behind it.
According to Newton's first law of motion: "if a body or an object is in the state of rest or in motion then it will stay in rest or motion until an external force is applied on it."
Same way when you wake up your body comes out from the state of rest and it needs some force to get started and exercise is that force.
When you exercise your heartbeat increases, blood circulation also increases which pump tremendous amount of energy. So, a lit/small exercise can help you get started and rest is upto you if you want to do a heavy workout. But the first priority is to get started and generating that initial energy.
Petra E.
Right now I’m just completing the morning excercise as a habit builder. I have a quick set of routines to get my blood runnings and get my heartbeat up. Nothing intense but a good way to get a good win in the morning.
Lesa O.
I have a six month old, so my mornings are hectic. I do a very brief morning session – no more than ten minutes. Later in the day when things have calmed down I take her out jogging with me. It's best to do what works for you. Mornings might be ideal, but if working out later in the day or on irregular schedule gets you to actually do it, then that's fine.
John E.
I just do a small workout each morning not for the reason of getting into better shape but to get moving and shake the sleepiness off. Personally, I have more drive and focus in the afternoons so I get my workout in with a goal of "gainz" in the afternoons
Bobbie U.
I fit in a 15 min session in the morning before work. Then I do an exercise class twice a week. The class is 60 minutes long.
Dianne W.
I do a small session of exercise just like you do, as I don’t have enough time to do a major exercise program. I think it’s okay because I schedule my major workouts at other time of the week.
Juan P.
Hello, I'm having pretty heavy exercising routine during my morning routine, but I plan to start another exercising routine 3 times a week also once it gets warmer on the outside(I train street workout)