I love to be efficient and it seems so inefficient to spend 5 minutes putting on workout clothes and shoes for a 7 minute workout. Do you have any ideas for making it more efficient or a way of thinking about it that I’m missing?

Ringo P.
The 5 minutes are part of the process, and essential for the workout. You are building a routine, I think it's fine. Maybe you can do a longer workout or wearing only your underwear (at hone) to reduce the "waste" of time.
Ochaname N.
I can understand that! In the beginning, I will always give up on working out because I was being lazy to dress up or choose my gym outfit. However, I figured that if I choose my clothes the night before then in the morning I have no excuse. Also, I changed my thoughts about working out. Now it's more fun. I just think of it as a great way to start my day, move my body and feel happy about it. I hope this can help you a little bit and that you can find your way as well!
W N.
Maybe talk to people about it, see if they can share their experiences with you, and help you think it is efficient. I hope you find your way! Maybe the moment you wake up, or while ur on ur phone, get dressed so that it doesn’t waste time.and that would mean the only thing that would be inefficient would be shoes, but it is not that bad! BELIVE that it is not a waste of time, so that it isn’t a waste of time
Cassie T.
Make the workout seem longer really dig deep and get into it. Workout in the morning and wear clothes that are comfortable to workout in to bed so you aren’t wasting extra time on getting dressed.
Jana I.
You need to look at it the other way around. Of course, it's inefficient to spend 5 min on preparation for 7 min. workout. But instead of trying to shrink preparation, you should invest more time in workout. Thus, your prep time will pay off. Not there yet? Fine. Just use your efficiency urge to improve it day by day. You are meant to be efficient – get there! 🙂
Rene F.
Hii, I actually prefer to do the exercises in my pajamas and it is pretty comfortable so no time spent.. hope this helps!!
Holly I.
Think about it this way… Sure you have to spend 5 minutes putting on your workout clothes and shoes but it doesn’t take a lot of effort and using that time to get ready means that when you do do your 7 minute workout you are in a position where you can comfortably do your best and make the most of those 7 minutes rather than if you did your workout without shoes in your pajamas or work clothes. Then those 7 minutes would’ve been wasted. Rather take the extra time than make things harder by not preparing properly.
Joyce Y.
If I'm doing a short work out I'm doing it at home, so I tend to just be nude to workout or throw on something lightweight like just a pair of shorts. If you're going to a place where you need to be clothed then try for a longer workout to make it worth the effort of going to the Place and wearing the clothes. A short 7 minute workout likely doesn't need anything more than shorts and if you've got the upper chest friends a sports bra for stability. You do not need special clothes or shoes to workout unless you're running on pavement