How do you motivate yourself to get up early in the morning to exercise?

Adam Z.
I can just say the 7 minute workout in Fabulous rid me of my lethargy so I'm more energatic now that I can get up early.
Travis O.
My motivation is to get my body used to waking up and moving early again. When I start school again in a few weeks, I want to be able to keep up with my early classes. Also when I wake up early I feel like there's more time to get things done during the day.
Durval E.
Usually I have to remind myself that I’ll feel worse if I don’t exercise, than if I do, both mentally and physically. I might not feel like exercising, but I know that once I get outside, on my run, I’ll feel a lot better!
Alcides A.
I like exercising generally, and i do it in my room so that I don’t get distracted. Once I open my eyes I drink some water, that’s always by my bed side, stand in the mirror and start stretching. My body likes the stretch so I continue with light exercises, such as leg lifts, arm rotation and so on.
Liva F.
Surgery is not an excuse to gain weight and get lazy. Rather it should have been an eye opener to make my health a priority. Now after 20 kg weight gain, I realise it’s high time I started doing something about it.
Levi B.
I need to make sure to go to bed no later than 10 p.m. tonight before. And make sure to drink water first thing in the morning and start exercising
Mandy G.
My best motivation to wake up early to work out is if I go to sleep early and I set out everything I need to do the night before and before I go to sleep I visualize how great it will feel.
Branka S.
It is a struggle. Its like everyday is a war. I may not complete my task in the morning but i make sure I am doing it in the day
Nanna W.
Great question! The only thing that really works for me, as far as morning exercise goes, is to have another person to be accountable to.
My retirement consists of yoga, pilates, and working with a personal trainer, even though I am on a fixed income. Having an appointment with someone is crucial for me. Eventually I do hope to be more self-motivated and not so reliant on expensive private and semi-private classes.
I think if you aren’t a morning person or morning exercise is just not realistic, it would be better to exercise when it IS realistic.
The 8 minute exercise recommended by Fabulous, however, is, in my opinion totally doable and can be a lot of fun if you do something you like.
My favorite 8 minute morning exercise is to turn on music and get on the rebounder (mini-trampoline), in pajamas. Two or three songs goes by really fast and I don’t go very hard at it but still find it enormously beneficial, especially for my brain. My other favorite thing is to do three to five yoga sun salutations.
The really cool thing that happens is after you do whatever exercise you choose that is sustainable and realistic for a couple or a few days, you really can’t wait to get up and do it again. Of course there are times when the routine gets interrupted, and then you have to use more diligence to get back on track. (Don’t beat yourself up for missing a few days, just get back to it).
Ramon P.
I make it something fun that I look forward to doing, like dancing! If I get bored of what I’m doing I change it up and the excitement of something new is what gets me out of bed, like going for a walk, to the gym, or out with my dog.
Tanya J.
I dont worry about a long complete excersise, I just focus on any small amount of movement – a 5 to 10 min exercise is doable no matter what time you get up. I see it as a promise to myself, and I want to be regarded as a person who keeps my promises and follows through.
Zoe J.
My beautiful daughter my miracle angel,who was born on the 21sr April at 7.38pm on a Saturday night and it was windy iv always had problems putting on weight and I use to be a size six,then when I had my daughter I was ten and a half stone,I did want to keep a bit of weight on me but I dropped down to seven stone again with a flat chest,it was like having two backs,due to chronic pain I suffer from my illnesses some of the medication I am on,the side effect is weight gain,which is exactly what happened,I now weigh in at ten stone,and I’m disgusted by what I see in the mirror,so I want to be around 8stone,but keeping the small chest iv grown,so I need exercise to tone my body up,because I miss my strength and muscles,!!!☹️😱🤨🧐😏🤭😐🙄😷🥴
Alicia O.
Think what is the worst that can happen if you get up early vs. What is the worst that can happen if you do not exercise..?
Morris P.
It’s not really about motivation – it’s kind of about just getting up and doing it. I workout every morning (I walk my dogs and then do 20-30 minutes of workouts through Tone It Up) and most mornings I don’t want to get up and do it, but once I put on my workout gear and get started, that’s where my motivation to keep going kicks in.

I’d say start a routine – you get up and immediately change into workout clothes and start drinking water, etc to get going.

Jackson P.
Actually I don't. I have the check of exercise routine on the morning, afternoon and night. Eventually I do it in one of these times, but I don't impose a specific time to do it, or else it feels like a drag. I do it every day in the time I most feel like it. In the morning what I always do is stretching exercises, 5 minutes of stretching helps me to relieve the stress and feel lighter, ready for the day.
Alison E.
Since I already have to get up early for work, I just walk to work instead of taking the bus. It’s mostly uphill at a steep incline so it feels strenuous even though it’s not miles and miles away.
Tilde Y.
I have come to know to do daily small steps to have a lot is safer more fun and easy to follow. So I had decided to practice good deeds daily with the small positive changes.
Excise is a major life goal to follow to enjoy Life. If I do not do daily it’ll make me lazy. Laziness is evil so I must win the bettle. Do get up early to get up and exercise. Thank you.
Tess O.
i set alarm same time for get up every morning. So, i use to it. it’s become my habit and i don’t need to motivate myself for it.
Ernst Dieter Z.
It gets easier over time, that is if you stick with it. Make a routine and stick with it. It will become something you look forward to doing eventually.
Patsy O.
What a tough thing to do, right? 😉 It’s hard for me, too. I try to lay my clothes out the night before, so there are fewer hurdles to getting ready. I also put on some music that helps get me moving, like a kind of hype song, so i can go get my workout done! Good luck!
Filippa P.
Well, moreso about the getting up than the exercise, but I'm very strategic with my alarms. I set one alarm an extra 20 or so minutes early, and leave my clothes next to my bed the night before. I'm an awful morning person, so I get up with that first alarm, get dressed, and then let myself sleep more. That way, cranky morning me who wants to do nothing more than just sleep gets up, gets dressed as quickly as possible, then gets some extra sleep. The next alarm actually gets me up, and at that point, already dressed, is when I get up and do my exercise and get moving out the door
Rosa W.
I go to group exercise classes so that I have a specific time set aside for my workout. Groups also provide the chance to socialize and to get accountability through others in the group.
Francisco F.
I make it fun! I put on some of my favorite tunes that I can’t help dancing too and just dance it out. The goofier the better! It feels less like exercising then.
James F.
I psyche myself up. Either I just start jumping up and down all over the place or act like I'm an ancient warrior preparing for battle.
Nem Sio Q.
It makes me know I’ll get some exercise in for the day and I feel better when I leave the house for work. I used to work out when I got home regularly, but it’s just not reasonable on a regular basis anymore due to a variety of factors. It’s got to be the Morning.
Vera F.
I made my morning routine enjoyable, but effective. It’s less of a chore and more likely .I got a gym with a pool and swim every day and on the rare occasion I don’t do that and I’m tired or lack of time.. I spend 8 mins doing arm weight or dumb bell.
Matteo U.
I remember that I only need to do the bare minimum. Just one cup of water, just one minue of exercise. Once I'm started I can't stop myself from doing more.
Dylan O.
It's not as easy to start but once you keep exercising in the morning you will feel good about yourself that you making changes for a healthier and hopefully wealthier life as well.
Hector X.
For my morning exercise I chose to do yoga which for me is something really relaxing. All I do is search up a short morning yoga video on YouTube and follow it. I guess the fact thar I’m following someone else’s work is what makes it easier to not ignore. Also, yoga to me seems easier and helps with creating a better mindset to start your day. Hopefully that makes sense. Basically, I actually look forward to doing yoga because it’s relaxing, easy, and in the comfort of my own room.
Amalie G.
I remember how relieving it is to get home after work and already have it done. My heart feels lighter throughout the day if I exercise, and I am kinder to people, more patient, and I feel less reliant on the approval of others. I remind myself that the only way for my body and brain to know how to lead me to spiritual awakening is if it is able to move and connect with the physical world.
Elizabeth W.
To exercise in the morning you don’t have to get up crazy early. I just get up so I have an extra 10 minutes to spare to exercise!
Mae X.
I wake up early anyway. I was wasting my time I had in the morning. Now I’m using the time productively either doing yoga or going for a run.
I get my kit ready the night before so that it’s easy.
Last week I planned to run but I really didn’t feel like it, but because my kit was easy it was easy to just get up and go. I felt really good about it afterwards, especially because I was so reluctant and my planning had won through.