What is your favorite exercise for your morning routine?

Lucile A.
I've been doing flexibility stretches, a 10 minute set provided by Fabulous. I'm planning on looking into different stretches and making my own set soon.
Nathan W.
I do yoga… I know it can be weird to hear/read it… but I do workout named ’Morning yoga’… After that I feel more energetic and absolutely ready to have a better day… It just wakes me up and makes my mind to think ’hey, go on… World is waiting for you to change it… GOOD LUCK😉
Mo N.
Push-ups seem to get me going, although, I have to be honest, my morning routine is more like an afternoon routine at this point.
Mae P.
I love walking in the morning because you see a different crowd outside, early on. I like seeing the sun come up. Not only is it pretty, and sometimes the moon is still out, but you beat the heat and start your day off on the right foot.
Freja C.
My favorite exercise is walking my dog! I love getting to spend some time with him in the mornings before it gets too hot outside to take him out.
Elizabeth U.
I love starting my morning with a run because I enjoy running. If you don't enjoy running, you should find something else you enjoy. Some other exercises I like are yoga, stretching, and dancing around my house while I get ready.
Angelique Z.
I always follow a blogger who has a monthly calendar with exercises everyday. Its called blogilaties. She also had a beginner calendar.
Louise J.
I have really enjoyed going to the gym with Natalie.. I feel better for it mentally I am sure the body will follow. If I get up 1/2 earlier at 5.30 I can fit more in
Andy O.
I like the make me fabulous 7 minutes exercise routine. It allows you to do lots of exercise in the short space of time by mixing up the aerobic and anaerobic using different muscle groups.
Brett Z.
I usuay work out early mornings around 6am, this consists a mixture of cardio (interval training ie, running or on the bike if im in the gym) and alternatively I do a selection of weights focused strength based classes. I like a variety of different training sessions that way I never get bored! I tend to go to the gym 4-5 mornings a week and run outdoors 2-3 times a week. Being in nature helps me stay geounded