What order do you do things? Water, breakfast, exercises? Or water, exercises, breakfast? Or another?

Ben O.
I drink water right when I wake up. Then I have a small breakfast about 45 minutes after I get up and about 30 minutes later, I workout.
Hakey N.
I wake up hungry, so I drink water, eat breakfast, change clothes, and exercise. But my husband doesn’t wake up ready to eat, so he likes to exercise and then eat. It’s funny how our bodies are different that way.
Glenda P.
I do water, exercise, shower, and then breakfast. I’m never super hungry in the morning and it feels really good to have a nice healthy breakfast after a great exercise session!
Yana O.
1st thing i do is mix my greens and my pre and probiotics together in a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. I boil the jug so it's done for me to make my herbaI detox tea when I get back from my walk/ run. I then take my dogs for a walk/run for 20-30mins. When I get back I make my tea and then make my breakfast which is usually oats.
Brianna J.
Firtsly in the morning I just laynon my bed for at least 5 minutes and enjoy the morning sun while I stretch. Then I go to the bathroom to use the toilet and wash ma hands and face and say hello to myself in the mirror. This is the time when I do my daily weightcheck on the scale. After that I drink half of the glass of the water what I put next to my bed every night. Then I do some yoga exercises and when I am finished I drink the other half of the water. For having breakfast I usually have to wait at least one hour.
Tereza W.
I do water, breakfast, exercise because usually when I wake up my stomach hurts of hunger. So I need to have breakfast first. But if you wake up really early, I guess it's better to do exercise first to fully wake up your body.
Britney Z.
From a health professional point of view, you're supposed to do water, then food, then exercise. But as far as getting going on a routine, do what you can. You're right that water comes first either way because it's right next to you when you wake up (ideally). When I forget to leave water by my bed, I still make sure it's the first thing I consume. It makes my tummy happy 🥰
Kieran C.
I usually try to eat something small (half a piece of fruit) before exercising, then breakfast after. The carbs in your breakfast help to replace the glycogen you used and the protein helps with recovery. Also, the exercise makes you hungrier so it’s easier to eat. Water is the first thing I do out of bed. So, water, exercise, eat.
Cami N.
i do water, stretch, breakfast usually. water gets me to move a little before i get out of bed so then once i’m up i stretch and usually eat breakfast late in the morning.