Do you (almost) always have a rest/break day in between your exercise days?

Harold Z.
No because I do different kinds of exercise. If I do feel physically tired I go for a long walk to give my body a break.
Annelore C.
As of now I exercise daily with the 4 minute ab exercise in the faboulus app. I also climbing once a week and walk or bike to wherever I need to go
Charlene C.
No, I don’t have rest day in between because a get bored easily that if I take a rest day it will turn into two or more. And then I will get too bored to continue.
Eliott Z.
No. I go to the gym first thing in the morning and are night when I get off work. I may rest one day a week at the most.
Jonas Z.
As I workout mostly with my body weight I usually try to train every day but every two or three weeks I find myself making a break of 2-3 days. Even if I don’t plan it I think that this break is useful to charge my energy and let the body recover
Josie Z.
Not always or (almost) always lol. If you are just starting to exercise I would recommend just listening to your body. You won't feel it until the next day anyways 🙂 if you're too sore to work out take a day off.
Jovina Q.
It depends on my schedule and energy level and also on for how long I've been exercising. I find it easy to have a leg exercise after a day of back exercise for example. I always make sure that I have at least one day a week when I do something very relaxing thought, like a sauna and meditation.
Jeremias C.
I am intuitive and varied in my exercise. I prefer functional fitness by being active in every possible way, and prefer outdoor activities. I am a runner, but I am not rigid about it anymore. If I run every other day , about 3 miles each time, that's good. If I need to "rest " I'll rest. Otherwise I'm still walking, hiking, doing yoga everyday.
Charly Z.
Nope, I just hold on to my belief of exercising 3 times a week. It's better than exercising continuously but stop abruptly at some point.
Lyna T.
Absolutly! Depending on how you live your life and how hard you workout your body and soul needs a little bit of a timeout. Take the chance to put your phone,iPad or computer away for a moment and just focus on how you feel. And be honest with yourself about how you feel. Is it time for a getaway were you dont think about work at all? Or maybe you need to change your life in other ways?

Remember, never ever lie to yourself or ignore your feelings.

Edeltraud X.
I usually exercise 3-4 times per week, usually on weekdays. I alternate the workout, varying intensity and focus. For example, I do yoga Mondays, circuit training the next day, a long walk next, and then circuit training or running again.
Emeline T.
I'm doing the build an exercise routine journey. I alternate the running from the app, which gets to a good workout, with dancing the next morning.

So on my rest days i just bounce around the house having fun.

Nicoline U.
No, I only have one, on rare occasions two, rest days a week. Before competitions I always ”taper” for one or two weeks with very light training to be rested before the competitions, and after them I train very light for one or two weeks.
Tobias C.
I have a rest day, with exercise due every other day, but I try to exercise every single day. When I exercise in a not-due day, I feel even more proud and happy 🙂
Sharlene E.
Well it depends on how long you have trained, how hard, and whether you do different kinds of training. An example could be to simple do cardio in the rest days, or yoga, instead of strength training. Or the other way around, if you mainly do cardio or yoga. The main idea is to train different aspects of the body so the other can rest. The other thing is how hard you train. If you push yourself really hard on one training, take the next day off. But generally dont push yourself more than 70%. Maybe ones a week do 90%. And while training and after, remember to listen to your body! Does this exercise actually hurt me and so on, mainly try to distinguish between joint pains and muscle pain. The former being bad, and the latter good. But if you only do 8 mins a day, you should easily be able to train every day😁 but if you train more than this, then I recommend taking weekends off and train to a not to hard and not too long, with varying forms of excersice each weekday. Hope it helps!
Noara Q.
Whether I plan a “rest day” depends on the type and effort of the exercise. If I do a long run, heavy lifting, or high-intensity training session one day, the next day I will do something less intense – like a walk or yoga. But I do some sort of purposeful activity every day. We evolved to be active!! 🙂
Susan Z.
No. I either stretch, do cardio, or workout on a daily basis. Bodies require movement. Even if it’s slow, muscle elongating movement like stretching or yoga.
Maya O.
I have continuous days of exercise. I do a program called Classical Stretch 24 minutes 5 days a week. I walk 5 days a week for 30 minutes. On the weekend I take back to back SPIN and PiYo classes on Saturday and then take a ballet class on Sunday. It took me years to build up to this level of habit and fitness that is right for me.
Nicolas Q.
I almost never have a rest between my exercise days. If I stop doing something for even a day, it’s will be difficult for me to continue. So I‘m trying to do exercises every day. If I haven’t got enough time, I also do sport, but something short.
Zo Q.
I did not, the app has what I think a great 7 minute work out that I like a lot. I felt like I didn’t need to have a rest day in between as much. I feel like if I have a test day it interrupts the drive I have going on and I will be more likely to give up.
Aur Lia I.
It depends on the number of times you exercise in the week.

Since I exercise 5 times per week, I usually have a rest day after two or three days with exercise.

Gustav W.
I don't. I find it too difficult to stick to my routine if I'm not doing it in some way everyday. I do allow myself at least one day a week with less or lighter exercises to avoid overexerting myself.
Mike F.
After very early meditation and yoga at 04:30 I go out for a mandatory 5km run every Monday, Wed and Friday.

Unless of course I am on a 20 week preparation for a 42km marathon and am following a programme that includes the other days.

Even then, there would be rest days allotted to the program.

Bradley Z.
I do exercise, but not using a plan. I sometimes go for a walk, do muscle training or run. The variation is important. If I feel very tired, I rest and do not perform hard exercise.
Jean E.
I sometimes think I should do significant runs every day. However, 2 days recovery means that I feel very strong on the third day. And I look forward to it , thus overcoming the feeling of routine and monotony that can hamper my exercise regime
Damien N.
Sometimes, but I prefer not to. I want to be consistent because I know that if I’m not then I will fall out of my good habits.
Victoire T.
Yes I do. It is a mistake not to. You might get injured or your body will tired from all the work. It is important that you let your body rest not only for the reasons above but also to see improvment and progress
Bella F.
No I find that if I take a rest day I feel sluggish and can't do as many reps the next day. I take maybe 2 rest days a week. I try to workout everyday but if I just don't feel like it or I ate too much I will rest. But I do calisthenics, I think it is better to rest frequently if you lift weights, especially if you put a lot of strain on yourself.
Graciele P.
I do something every day. When I need a 'rest' Day (every 3-4 days), I switch to a good few minutes of stretching or a short leisurely walk. It's important to me to keep to the excercise part of my routine, or else I fall completely off track. So I always make sure to do something in my excercise timeslot – even on 'rest' days
Elias Z.
I try to work out every other day. I am currently dealing with injuries that don’t allow me to exercise as my intense as I normally would. Listen to your body… a little soreness and pain are two different things.
Ugo T.
Yes I do, it also helps my body to recover especially if it was a tough workout, I feel that it’s important to do this especially if you are not use to exercising regularly🙈
Bertram P.
Yes, I have always break or day with another activity (yoga or stretching between gym or run) but every few days a completly break is necessary
Math O Q.
Sometimes I exercise everyday, other times I do it every other day. It depends on the intensity and how my body feels after my previous workout.
Anna Luise R.
Yes I actually had to take a two day break but than the day I was going to go back to excersizing had a tragedy and got back to excersizing 3 days later
Floyd Q.
No. I only rest from exercising on Sundays. If I rested between days, I’d be afraid I’d quit doing it. I stick to a habit better if I do it every day. I do leave a day or two between resistance training.
Gloria P.
I do not. I Exercise different muscles every day so that I can keep my habit up. Sometimes when I’m feeling especially tired I’ll do a shortened session or limit it to purely stretches, but I make sure I do something every day
Azuil Z.
I do not take a break from exercise but I mix up my workouts so different body parts are emphasized. And I walk every day. This works well for me.
Ad Rio C.
In terms of exercise, I only do small workouts with core exercises that take a few minutes, and also run. I have only started running a month ago, so am always leaving at least one full day between runs.

But following my morning journey in Fabulous, I've been doing my small workout every single morning to make it a habit. I keep it simple and small to make sure that I can always fit it in, and found this very helpful.

So I personally think that it's best to do some exercise every single day, but maybe leave some time between bigger workouts.

Hope that helps!

Mike O.
Not currently since starting this app. Instead im focused on using the Nike Trainig club app to do short 20 minute workouts on a daily basis. Trying to keep a consistent pattern every day.
Chad C.
If by rest day you mean a day when I don’t exercise at all, the answer is no. For me rest day is when I don’t do more than 15 minutes of HIIT or resistance exercise or cardio. Rest days I do like 10 burpees, 10 pushups, 20 straight leg raise or something like that which takes about 5 minutes. I may also walk or run for 10 minutes depending on how busy my day is.
Valdemar Y.
I do. And it works for me, so I don’t think of it as lazy or unproductive. I typically will feel sore after an intense run so the next day I’ll just stretch or go on a short walk to stretch my sore muscles.
Malvina Z.
Right now, as I'm newly restarting working out & have a goal in mind, I'm exercising on my own Monday thru Friday; taking ayoga class on Saturday morning; and so Sunday is my off day, definitely. I feel you need at least one day to rest, for yourself & for your body. But if you're seriously exercising, you should be exercising a minimum od 3, if not 4 days a week.
Isabella B.
I always have at least a 10-20 second break, that gives me time to breath and more time to stretch and calm down. I think it is very important for people to take a break so they can have time to calm down their lungs and their heart.
Bastien C.
I do have a rest/break day between the type of exercises, not a day break from exercising. I always try to do a bit of exercise everyday.
Leonara C.
After accepting the challenge I did light cardio exercises and stretching after I have my first cup of water. During the three days challenge I did not have any thought of having a breake day because making the checklists of my morning routine make me feel like I’m starting the day with a success. In order for me not to take a break day for exercising, I focus on light cardio, stretching and probably some yoga. So that I do not get tired out and make me keep having the routine enjoyable. Because exercising everyday can be quite a challenge and easy to break unless u make the habit out of it.
Lucineri S.
No. Just try not to exercise the same muscle every day. I do a muscle every two days. For example chest and triceps on Mondays and Fridays… Back and biceps Tuesdays and Saturdays and so on