How do you kick yourself in the butt and motivate yourself on down days?

Juan E.
Ik Prefer to be alone on those days. Listening music, playing drums and following a fix pattern. You can do it. Just let me know.

Ga L Q.
First of all, be forgiving of yourself and understand that those down days are going to happen. That's okay. Just use that as motivation to stick to your routine the following day.
I suggest reminding yourself of everything you need to do first thing when you wake up in the morning. Lie in bed and say "These are my goals; they are simple tasks, and I can do them. I have chosen to do this for a reason. "

D Nio P.
I try to use a five minute method which means that I can do work for five minutes and then stop. I promise myself that I won’t feel bad for stopping it and I can just realx. Usually after I start I tend to keep going for at least 30 or 40 minutes and it’s really good comparing to not even doing anything

Victor O.
I have a prayer beads/malas with me at all times. They are there to remind me these are small acts that will improve me as a human being

Ludwina F.
I listen to music and make lists to help keep myself on track so that I don't get caught up in my thoughts. I also take some deep breaths to get myself going.

Viviane X.
If you mean by excercise. I do the minimum I can. 5 push ups five crunches five sqauts five whatever. That way I am still doing something and check it off so I feel good that I did it

Yanis Y.
I think about the person I want to become through through these goals. That keeps me doing the things I’ve committed to do. Discipline is more important than motivation.

Gerry Z.
I use diffrent ways according to my mood: reading books, hanging out with friends, HELPING others, volunteering, spending time with my family, creating rituals, lighting candles, spending time in nature and by the sea, meditating (headspace and calm apps), creating routines (fabulous app), listening to the birds, looking often at the sky, praying, swimming, yoga, watching tv series ( Game of Thrones, The Queen, House of Cards, Girl Boss), warching TED talks and videos from Jay Shetty, Prince EA, Tom Billieu, Adam Grant, Sherlyn Sandberg, reconnecting with old friends, writing thank you notes, eating less carbs, sleeping more, spend time only with people that can make me laugh out lound and say no to those friends who are negative, taking care of my friends' dogs and cats, looking through old pictures, smiling to myself in the mirror every morning, do the power pose, planting plans, cooking, cycling, running, reading quotes and sharing stuff on inta and fb and hope it'll inspire my friends 💕✨

Alfred W.
I ask a friend. I have friends who know about my depression, so I say, hey, I'm stuck on the couch, can you tell me to get up and do X. It helps to be told.

Jerome C.
I think listening music, reading blok, drawing, cooking, doing sport and watching enjoyable films are good for people if they are stresfull

Ingbert U.
By increasing your own wellbeing your setting an example for those around you. Essentially your doing this for yourself at all, your doing it for the world around you ❤

Christian X.
I don’t. It’s too hard when I’m on a low point. It’s takes everything just to keep going, to do basic things like eating or talking to other people.

Mae U.
I find meditation helps. You are kept focused on your body and not on random thoughts.
You can still use the routine of drinking water, eating a good breakfast and gentle exercise.
Hope you find this useful and stick to it!

Amalie Y.
I picture a bouncing ball to focus going towards the sea, with sunshine warming my back to stop negative thinking. I also always visualise swimming in amazing places, to Buddha chanting in my head, which distracts my negative worrying.

Caroline P.
I have a lot of experience with down days. I find that no one answer works for me all of the time. Sometimes I try motivating music or a short video. If I am lucky and remember to plan ahead, sometimes just sticking to the schedule I have made for myself helps. Other times, I do something for someone else to get my mind off of my challenges. Having a few tools to pull out when you need that motivation gives you a better chance to succeed.

Catherine C.
For me I love to dance. Do turn on music and once I get in the mood I dont want stop. So do a lot of dance cardio or use active work out videos to keep me moving and sweating

Hansgeorg R.
Put on good tunes, tell myself I can do it, and then do it. On really bad days I tell myself I'll get a treat if I complete my goals for the day.

Charlene N.
I actually try to be compassionate towards myself. Gently cheerleading to get myself going. Pulling out the whip only brings on shame.

Michael N.
I'm still figuring that out myself lol. I try to draw inspiration from other motivated people, that does work sometimes

Arnoldo W.
I don't know what to say but I think it maybe the power of love, its mystical and mysterious to me but yet effective maybe the most effective thing in the world, I hope to add more and more to that answer to this answer