How do you focus when exercising? What do you focus on to keep your mind active while exorcising?

Mads W.
When you are exercising, think of what you are going to accomplish when you are done. Maybe lose weight, get more energy, or just feel better than before. Whatever you think will motivate you, think about that when exercising and I promise the end result is great!

Hannah Y.
I usually focus by listening to an audiobook. This helps me feel satisfied while exercising and it also keeps my mind active and keeps me from getting bored.

Rolf Dieter U.
I usually put my current favorite songs, or usually i need the reassurance or guidance of someone else, so i follow exercise or stretching/yoga videos. When doing yoga i focus on the aching, it means im here present, it means my muscles are waking up, and i breathe through my nose. Its just an overall reminder that i am alive! and that my body can feel as good as it can feel bad. Balance is key.