What do you say to yourself to keep you motivated?

Alex O.
I say that while change is hard, staying unsatisfied as I am right now is also a burden, and between the two "hards" it's better to take the active one.
Kristin G.
My motivation tends to be intrinsic, but on the rough days I say to myself, “How is this going to make me feel?” – How will I feel if I eat this dessert? (Not so good). How will I feel after my run? (Exhilarated)! How will I feel in the morning if I put my phone down now & go to bed early? (Rested, sleep is awesome)! Knowing how I’ll feel after any food or activity is enough to kick me into (or out of) gear almost every time.
Renate F.
Keep going, you are strong. You are going to be proud of you after you are done! Tu es belle, tu es bonne, tu es capable!
Katie N.
I have many different sayings and ways. I get bored easily so I like to have a few tricks up my sleeves. Visualizations, meditations, Fb group, insta group. The Fab list images too! I have a few “mantras” post it notes to my mirror, “I have time”, “finish what you started”, “health is priority”, “don’t dwell on problems”. These are all particular to me and I have gathered and kept those that work for me over time. The ones that make me smile are usually the ones that stay around. Those ones that make sense to me and my mindset. It is personal and individual and does not need to be set in stone.
Ricky Q.
I saw something on Instagram once that stuck with me… If you need help pushing yourself to do things (chores, exercising, reading, etc.) Talk to yourself like a toddler. Reward yourself for the little things, even if that reward is a sip of water. Be very patient with yourself like a toddler, because you know your limits! Just try your best.
Alberte N.
This is the body I was give and I should not take it for granted. Keep it healthy! Healthy body and subsequently, healthy mind! Both are very important. So… keep going! You are doing this for you!
Hans Rudolf O.
I’m not sure but what I try to do to maintain motivation is to pour the warm light of kindness on myself when I struggle or fail because I’m hurting and disappointed and I know I want to do better, but I’m only human and growth takes time and forgiveness and acceptance and encouragement and nurturing. So, I guess I say to myself “I’m here for you no matter what-everybody struggles-obstacles are part of the journey and we’re going to overcome them and learn how to succeed bit by bit.
Micah Q.
I am a person who does ___

Eg, I'm a person who gets up early and doesn’t snooze.

Using this helps me with motivation and also to help me believe that I can do it

Kate U.
I tell myself you have one chance at life keep going. When I feel defeated or depressed, I make myself stay motivated because I owe it to myself. Life goes on and I must too.
Geetika T.
I have my goals set. What I want to achieve and break it down into short term goals. For example, I need to finish my project.. I will take it in small steos like writing one paragraph. I also have my goals for the future set.
Barb J.
To keep myself motivated, I always think that there is a huge crowd watching me, and I can’t give up. When I’m almost giving up, I tell myself “I’m a strong, motivated woman, I can do this, I know I can.”