How do you exercise in the morning?

Kara A.
I typically do about 10 minutes of stretching and then try to do yoga for anywhere from 10-25 minutes. I have a hard time motivating myself, so I like to use guided clips for both. It helps me to stay focused and actually do something.

Lordia B.
Yes I always exercise in the morning but I eat breakfast first before exercise because it’s give the strength to be healthy

Shining Q.
I do yoga. As soon as I get up I brush my teeth, feed my cat and find my video for the day to practice yoga. It starts my day with a swell of good mental energy and gets me to sweat. I love it .

Herminia U.
First hi, 1. I keep my alarm like far from me so I have to get out of bed to turn it off 2.splash water in my face and drink cup of water ofc 3.get dressed 4.have a great breakfast(eggs or Greek yogurt with bluberies or other fruits, 5.and then do low impact workout like from youtubers growwhitjoe, growninganas or jiny diet love you I hope I gave you good tips. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž