How do you not break the exercise streak? Water and good breakfast are pretty easy for me, but I tend to slack on the exercise and would love to make it a more natural easy progression into my day as opposed to a chore.

Sam C.
Making showing up the goal instead of a 5 mile run. Give yourself permission to show up and leave if you need to. Tell yourself you'll bike or run or whatever for just 10 minutes. At that point you'll already be in the gear and ready to go longer. But if your body really does need the break then stop after the 10 minutes.
Onata A.
Yeah I am totally the same so I am trying to keep it short and easy, like really short. So 4 mins of yoga and then 5 min meditation, feels a lot more achievable than running. But even 1 minuet of dedicated stretching is better than nothing. Give the time for exercise then increase the time later.
Christopher Q.
Motivation is a tricky one. Some advice that I’ve gotten is to write a list of all the reasons you personally want to exercise. It could be anything from getting healthy to just wanting to look good, but find out why it’s important to you. Another thing I was told was to keep your exercise equipment in plain sight, that way you have a constant reminder whenever you look at it. Whether it’s running shoes or weights, keep them near enough that you see them when you wake up in the morning. Also, keep in mind it’s okay to miss a day or two. Getting in the habit can be tricky sometimes, but your body will also let you know when you need to rest. Personally I am using the Beachbody app. There are a whole bunch of different workout routines you can choose from. If one doesn’t work for you, you can always try another. It does cost a bit of money, but sometimes having a financial stake in your workouts can help to motivate you as well.
Beverly C.
well I just put on a great song and I dance for 8 minutes whisst at the same time celebrating wy wins in the morning. My aim is to move and dance is the best for me. Also I work out online with my friends for 30 minutes every day, I only focu's on doing as much as I can and I push my self a little bit more every week.
Brandy T.
I try to make it like a game. If it feels fun and rewarding then I’m more likely to continue. Doing something small like stretching or a low number of something I struggle with to show myself how capable I really am.
Jason E.
I have the most success with the simplest, easiest habits. So if the exercise habit keeps getting broken, I would make it easier. Eventually, it will be so easy, it will feel sillier not to do it than to do it. So maybe it becomes doing a few quick arm exercises when you pick up your water bottle, using the bottle as a weight. Or turning around and going back upstairs when you are on your way down for breakfast so you climb the stairs one extra time. I recommend choosing something that takes less than a minute. You can add more later if you like, once the exercise habit is totally cemented.
Elias U.
Pick an exercise that’s fun, and it doesn’t have to be long. Pick a song you like and dance for just that song, or do a couple stretches on muscles that need it, or a quick walk to a place you like. As long as it gets your blood pumping a little
Mason U.
It helps me to choose something I enjoy already. That way I can actually look forward to it. It also helps to set an easy target in your mind, especially in the beginning. Even is that's going out for a 5-minute walk, or a 10-minute yoga session on YouTube. Convince yourself that's it's enough, and allow yourself to feel glad you did it. Do this 5 days straight, and see how you feel then. Might I recommend a channel in YouTube called "Yoga with Adrienne". Pick any of the quick yoga sessions on there. You can do it. The hardest part is starting.
Gonk T.
Just do the one minute exercise. Remember to start small, don't you ;)? You can even start with 5 second exercise if you dont feel like doing 1 minute. The point is to just do it! 😆
Tara Q.
What I do is keep my self motivated each day, such as keeping my jogging kit ready in the previous night, so when you see it, you actually feel like doing and more importantly when you see your self in the mirror, view that bulky figure you see in front of you if you don't do proper exercises. More than anything else, when I think about the repercussions I'll have to face, if I don't do exercises, it automatically comes to me " go get up and do your daily work out." And there's another thing, if I don't complete my exercise routine, I fail to complete my golden triangle in fabulous. So that's also a great motivation.
Michel A.
Make it a habit to do exercise right after having your first drink of water in the morning. I'd suggest the 7-minute long exercise in the app.
Farzaneh Y.
The key is to keep it simple qnd tiny. Don't start from 30 minute harsh exercise everyday. Start from 5 minute per day or set your goal that only do something. In this case, you do more exercise when you have energy and time for that and you keep the streak in days that you are busy. As time goes, you will be addict to doing exercise;)
Katie J.
i’d recommend trying to find a way of exercising that you genuinely enjoy so you can look forward to it! maybe tbat means stretching, or a dance workout, or yoga, boxing- there are so many options outside of the basic plank and pushups and jumping jacks that will make the exercise feel like less of a chore and more of something you enjoy. this way, it will be something you can look forward to doing and improving at every day rather than something you’re dreading… good luck!! wishing you the best with your journey 🙂
M Rcio F.
I tend to do a short 3-4 minute yoga-style stretch in bed while I am still waking up. It makes me feel energized and ready to start the day.
Jonathan E.
I follow a certain exercise program and made sure to also include my exercise time in my calendar. That’a my way of putting triggers to encourage me to do the habit. Another factor that helped me a lot is having friends doing the exercise with me. It makes me accountable with them and vice-versa. Hope this helps!
Ew N.
Find a way to make it easier for you! For me, I do a few minutes of stretching. This isn’t necessarily my “ideal” of exercising every day as I imagine it in my head, but it has been a good place to start and helps me keep the habit. No wardrobe changes or trips to the gym required!
Everett U.
Having a walk count as exercise on days I am feeling low energy allows me to check that box every day. Then, because I don't feel like I've failed the previous day, I approach the next day ready to challenge myself with a more intense exercise session. For me it's all about balance and listening to your body.
Hildegard T.
I find that I commit to half an hour in my schedule each morning, and I move my body during that time. It doesn’t have to be strenuous or even involve leaving the house. Once I made that commitment I found it much easier to keep the habit
Gabriela F.
I start super slow. in the past i had a higher goal of going for a walk or doing a 30 minute workout. But that was unrealistic for me. I had to be honest with myself and realize i won't do it! So i do the 1 minute exercise that app has. Its only a minute but its still hard for me! But thats just where i am now, I know i can stick to that for now and in the future I'll do more