Do you stick to a routine or switch up your exercises?

Muzaffer U.
I have a routine, but I have fall back options if my usual routine isn’t in the cards for the day. My usual routine is to start with a walk, but if they weather is poor or if I don’t have time that morning, I’ll do five minutes of yoga or dancing. Then I still feel like I accomplished my goal, rather than feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by what I’m not able to do.

Rudesindo S.
I find picking regular days and times – and adding them to my calendar – best for me when I exercise. It’s an appointment with myself, for my physical and mental health. I utilize a gap in my schedule several times a week, and enjoy walking, air boxing and dancing to music that is upbeat. I walk outside and pick routes that allow me to use railings and park benches to do push ups and tricep exercises. If I avoid my scheduled days of exercise I feel sluggish and tired all day.