What kind of exercises works best for you in the morning?

Marten Y.
Honestly, I don't know! At the moment, I am doing some light/mild (Is that the term?) cardio on my exercise bike, and I'm enjoying it okay. I used to wake up at 5:45 AM and do some light beginner's yoga– THAT really worked for me. Unfortunately, I have different exercise goals currently than I did back then. Not to mention that I've been having some trouble waking ul that early. All in all, I feel like a proper answer to that question would be very circumstansial and personal to the person asking. Maybe all I need to do is stretch? Or maybe working out at some other time of day would be ideal for me. There's no way for me to know for sure unless I do a lot of long-term experimenting.

Logan T.
الركض، وحده الركض حتى تتقطع أنفاسي فألتقط عبوة الماء وأتجرعها ولو كانت بتردة والجو بارد جدًا لكنني أشرب ولا أهتم لأنني أريد أن أشرب الماء وأرتوي!! شعور منعش حقًا~