Aside from walking, what are some low intensity exercises do you do? I sometimes have to get up early to get to work, and have time to do some light exercises once I’m at work, but nothing that makes me super sweaty.

Jose R.
I've had to do some physio for shoulder pain and they gave me some strengthening exercises to do with a resistance band. I do these at work, so maybe you could try some light weight/resistance exercises!
Everett F.
When I walk the dog in the morning I'll do some squats and lunges while she's smelling things. And at work I always take the stairs 2 steps at a time. It's faster, stretches your legs more, and gives a little burst of effort.

If you have 5 min in the morning, consider doing a Tabata session with a few different exercises. Sometimes I'll do a run of pushups, squats, jumping jacks, and lunges with that. Google Tabata if you don't know it.

Michelle T.
Planks, trees, chair pose… Basically, you can do little yoga workouts, as long as you don’t look too weird before your colleagues. =)
Arlene O.
I’ve got an app called 8fit and I have just started using it and I do challenging exercises I do it 2 times a week started from yesterday 👣
Isaac Z.
I like to practice Tai chi, doesn't make you sweat, but give you a nice streach and kind of meditation and mindfulness in about 10 to 15 minutes. Look for workouts in you tube.
Willfried X.
I know it’s not what you’re asking but can you get up 15 mins earlier? My morning workouts became frequent when i prioritized ánd made them simple. I workout every morning using an app that makes custom strength routines that only take about 8 minutes. Youtube is full of routines that take that long. Good luck!
Iohana Q.
Sometimes I do squats at my desk. Figure out how many you can do in a row without breaking a sweat. Then space them out and do that many every hour or so. Also try to stand as much as possible during work if you’re able to. I park about a half mile away from work and walk before and after to/from my car. And of course always take the stairs when it’s an option.
Ritthy O.
Office yoga ^_−☆ Everyday yoga had some super fast stretches that help out a bunch. Also the Breathe app has some very brief mindfulness exercises/meditations as well as some very short yoga ones. Even if you don’t have mind to work out a short meditation can recharge and help you a lot.


Pauline E.
Walk up and down the stairs. All you have to do is stay in movement find some weights.
Streetch your body once in a while.
Richard A.
I sometimes do squats while I'm bathing since I don't get enough time to workout in the morning. Also if you have some time in the morning before work you can go from a plank to a jumping squat and do 4 series of 10 repetitions.
Lvaro Q.
While browsing Pinterest, I came across which lead me to which have found quite useful and have done at work sometimes.
Cust Dia Q.
I stretch in the morning and leave my workout for later on whenever is good for me during the day. Found morning stretching very good for my body. Also try 5 tibet exercises. Its yoga and that is your short work out in the morning and it will energize you. Google them.
Vilma O.
You can do some small yoga sequences. The ones I do are 5/6 min long.
Some sequences are designed to do in an office chair, so you don’t even have to leave your desk. They are normally great for back and neck pain which are common complaints among desk workers.
I hope that helped 🙂
Josefine B.
Walking is a really nice way to move my body, to give a shake to metabolism.
I like to swim during summer times. Going with my head under water and realising that i’m not hearing nothing but only my heartbeat, focusing my thoughts to myself. That’s important
But walking in nature still my favourite light sport
Noah N.
Great question! One that’s making me think of some ideas for myself. Walking is always a great one. Yoga is a great one too – it doesn’t just stretch you out – some moves provide lots of isometric tension to tighten up muscles without getting you sweaty. Pilates can do the same but maybe not for an hour :). I’m also a fan of the 7 min workout – there are lots of apps that offer short workouts that you can do anywhere – just skip the intense ones or stop before you get sweaty.
Ian S.
Rotate your wrist, elbow, stretching and all. So you can consider all the warm up exercises that are there, for example jumping jacks, pushups, reverse triceps dips. You can also try 7 mins workout
Oscar B.
Sometimes when I don’t have time to do my exercises before I leave for work, I will go into the big stall at work and do 30 squats
Zilma N.
I enjoy starting the day with rise and shine, a low intensity yoga sequence that’s pretty short and feels good in the morning. Doesn’t break the sweat but elevates heart rate gently and opens up the body.
Ad Lia S.
I follow several yoga instructors on YouTube. My favorite is Yoga with Adrienne.
There are so many different intensities and lengths. And all in the comfort of your own home. A mat is helpful, but not necessary.
Magnus Y.
I have stairs in my house. When I wake up I walk up and down them a couple times then maybe do some push ups or sit ups.
Tobias W.
Gentle morning yoga is good because it can help a person feel energized and refreshed rather than sweaty. There are plenty of guided yoga videos online if you fancy this idea.
Abel W.
To be honest as I work evenings I can go on as many walks as I can throughout the day. I’ve only just recently restarted It all As need to get some weight off but I downloaded some apps to help and I’m going to start introducing some lunges, squats and some strength exercises with my arms to begin with. I really need to loose weight so I’m going to try my best to do these each day.
Jochen U.
I use the Nike Training Club app on my phone for guided workouts. I quite often do the strengthening or restorative yoga workouts, but occasionally get into more hard core training. There are a lot of options for core strengthening, balance training, endurance enhancing, yoga and stretching that can be done in cases where time is limited or sweating is not an option.
Timeo E.
I suggest you to get into moving! In fact link your exercising with a short cold water without shampoo if you have any concerns of being sweaty and you will feel superior as you have never felt before!
Micheal F.
Yoga, isometric exercises, low intensity calisthenics or jumping rope without a rope are all light exercises that can be done without sweating. I think the intentional movement is most important.
Giulia E.
I prefer to do 10 minutes of yoga, it helps me stretch and get my muscles ready for work. In my job I am constantly on my feet for 8 hours a day, walking, heavy lifting so it helps release aches and strains.
Adam J.
I sit a lot of my day so I add walking before to offset that first thing in the morning. However, during the day I manage to take my 2 lb weights (now 5lb)and lift (like arm circles or up/down side lifting)to a song I have downloaded with an high intensity bpm. Usually 3 minutes or so. It gets my heart racing and the music resets my mood. Over time I add more frequency throughout the day and 4x is my max so far.
Cathy N.
I’m a big fan of gentle movement. I try to balance more intense movement with restorative movement, such as stretching, yoga, and T-Tapp. Without these full range of motion movements, intense movement can leave us with tight muscles and joints and a greater liklihood of injury.
Clifford W.
Do some stretching and some abs. But get sone time during the day to do some excercise were you break into sweat as that is what takes care of the toxins in the body
Glenda O.
I suggest calf raises. These are so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I usually do them when I’m washing my hair or brushing my teeth. You can always build up intensity every week and you’ll end up with killer calves!
Eric Z.
There are some ballet style exercises you can do at your desk or while walking around work. I also recommend light or morning yoga. You can find short videos on youtube.
Nathana L C.
A rejuvenating gongfu. And a new step of kongfu,even just walk the leg movwnt feels good after sitting all day or driving around.