When is the best time of day to exercise?

Caitlynn J.
Early in the morning! And i don’t mean at 5 am, unless you wake up then. I mean whenever you wake up! I get up around 11:30 am and I try to exercise by 12. have grace with yourself (some days I spend 10 minutes on my phone before, while other i exercise as soon as I wake up). Either way, it sets the tone for your day and leaves your feeling accomplished!

Kathy G.
I think the morning just before breakfast because for me it gives me an appetite to eat as well as drink my water so therefore I am completing all my goals and I prefer to do yoga so it sets me in the right place of mind.

Cathy C.
Try to make it one of the first things you do in your day, if available to you. Waiting until later increases the chance something will come up and disrupt your schedule, and it's easier to make excuses for not going when you're tired & hungry from the day.

Bill Q.
I think early morning is the best time to exercise. It keep you energised throughout the day. You can also stretch out a bit in the evening or before you sleep. Hope it helps. All the best! Stay fabulous!

Bed N.
On weekdays I exercise at night, it helps you clean your mind after a busy day and just relax.On weekends I do one half of the exercise after breakfast and the other one before going to sleep at night this way im energized during the day.

Sammie Z.
Due to childcare I exercise in the evening when their dad is able to look after them better, before children I found it easier to exercise when I felt the most energetic in the day. Even if its as simple as going out for a walk it's still exercise

Herm Nio P.
I really enjoy exercising in the morning because it gets your heart pumping and you get energized for the entire day instead of dreading it later in the day

Simran W.
When you wake up in the morning, you are the most energetic you'll be throughout the day. So wake up and have a glass of water first thing in the morning followed by 5 minutes of meditation to energize yourself. Then have a cup of green coffee(or black) and go workout.

Mahdi N.
I've tried morning noon and even evening but the best time for exercise is morning, and of course followed by a cold shower 🙂

Sakura T.
I like exercising before i have a shower, so during the evening. It makes things easier and i wouldnt want to be sweaty and tired in the morning.

Adam N.
As early as you feel comfortable to. For me its after the morning chaos. With getting children up and ready for school, and doing the school run it alot to do 1st thing in the morning. So once all the madness is done I know I can relax and take 10 minutes to my self to do a workout routine without worrying about my todo list.