I love the Sun Salutations Yoga. I feel that I would really like to know even more about Yoga and have a another option of a longer routine. Do you have any suggestions?

Olivia Y.
I have an app called Daily Yoga. It’s about $50 for the year but there is a free version too. It has all types of yoga for a range of levels. Some sessions are geared toward stress, different body parts, and relaxation. I use it everyday!
Soan T.
Sarah Beth yoga on YouTube. She has videos for every ability level, various lengths, and many different practices with specific focuses, stress relief, digestion, back pain, sleep, etc.
Frances Z.
Sun salutations are are great way to start the day. Have you heard of Yin yoga? Perfect slower pace for a longer session in an evening
Zander B.
I like to use Adriene on Youtube. Shes provides many, many, many resources from the foundations of poses to challenging and complete yoga cycles. She is very calming and easy to follow.
Em P.
Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is very popular. It ranges from absolute beginners to more advanced routines. Also the NHS fitness studio has yoga videos
Sulfur T.
Personally, I use a yoga app on my phone that has many different options and different routines that walks you through it. I would suggestion finding something like that which works best for you. Once you get the hang of it though, try looking up routines in your free time and writing them down to do later. Then when it’s time to practice, do it without looking at your phone or any other electronic device. Doing yoga without any distractions is when you’ll find the most benefit from it.
Natalia G.
For beginners, it's better Vinyasa Yoga. It incorporates easy and low intense position for a large routine for wake up or for going to sleep.