How does one stay motivated to exercise in the morning when you’re totally exhausted and can’t go to sleep any earlier?

Shunda W.
Discover your “why”. You want to exercise? When you have a reason behind everything you do, you’ll be more motivated to do it even when you’re tired. The “why” has to be powerful. For example you may say I want to exercise not just to lose weight but so you won’t develop any diseases that may have effected a family member or friend. Or you want to exercise because you’re border line diabetic and if you don’t start exercising your health will decline. When you have a reason it will propel you every day

Harold R.
When you're exhausted a little stretching, walking in the fresh morning air can actually make you feel better. The body work makes your brain working too. If you haven't sleep much, you'll be tired anyway, but some exercise can wake you up and feel a little better 🙂

Josefin A.
I try to do something small, just by getting the clothes on and getting started, you feel that you can do more than you think. Follow the tips to have everything ready in the morning, and don’t have too high expectations on it – just let it be easy and you’ll be able to do something!