What exercise do you do? For how long?

Devon O.
I've been doing three things lately. I do a short yoga flow when I get up in the morning (based on the one suggested by this app!); I go running for about half an hour a few times a week; and I'm working up to being able to do push-ups, so I do a few sets of wall push-ups (2 days on, one rest day). The common denominator is that all of these forms of exercise are super easy and don't require me to have any equipment other than a yoga mat and running shoes, which means that my barriers to doing them are very low.

Edmero S.
Hi, how are you doing today? I usually do warm-up exercises in the morning like jumping jacks, arms & hips circles. Since I just started out exercising again after almost a year.

Anjna Z.
Aerobics for 30 minutes. There's a video on YouTube in which Bipasha Basu leads the team. It's by shemaroo I guess. It's 30 minutes long and helps me sweat. I'm focusing on gradually building up my stamina. After this I'll add a 12 minute dance workout and then when I have the stamina to do that, I'll add another 15 minute dance workout. I can only work out at home so youtube videos are my best option

El A F.
I usually do 10 to 15 minutes workouts on YouTube because then you get some motivation from the people doing it. When I work out at home I try to do three or more videos for a better sweat

Mario U.
I go for a walk in the morning. If its a long one I am done for the day. If its a short one I do the 1 minute workout and the 7 minute workout of fabulous in the afternoon.

Lucie Y.
Aerobic and anaerobic alternatively. Some day I’ll do 30 mins cardio workout while the other days I’ll do plank workout plus some shaping exercises.

Jack U.
i usually do yoga in the morning followed by a quick 5-10 minute workout. then later in the afternoon around 3pm, i do a cardio or hiit workout, followed by a thigh slimming and a stomach workout. then at night i do some yoga and a face workout.

Kylie P.
Pushups (10) on an incline, trying to buildup strength to do more regular pushups of which I top out at around 2/3. 10x minutes of light cardio. I also love my standing desk which I use at work for 2-4 hours each day

Bertram X.
Max front squat. The workout showed a lot of difderent things. The morning ritual was exciting yet scary. I felt rushed yet fulfilled. The good outweighs the bad. With more practice i hope to not only settle my thoughts but culminate more deep work throughout my day due to my concentration.

Jordan S.
Back in the days I used to do some HIIT workout do some cardio and body weight Workout but then I ran out of what's so-called motivation it's just me being lazy but now after starting at the fabulous start to exercise just light exercise like just walk around my home more often running in the morning or just dancing to do it to my favorite song or something like that

Ester Z.
The workout I do is chloe ting (30 day workout) it's for belly fat and abs. And the workout is 11-12 minutes long I do this one because I'm a teen and I feel like it's really easy for beginners.

Sacramento F.
It depends on the day. I go and train with weights 3 times a week. Before weights, I do 10-15 of cardio. I workout with an elastic band 2 times a week at home. I stretch everyday. I also try to fit a 30-40 minute walk with my dog if I am home.

Jordano Z.
My exercises consist of body weight and dumbbells. I target a different part of my body each day and I make sure to always go and run afterwords.
When it comes to exactly what exercises I do I simply just go to YouTube and search a workout routine for the body part that I’m supposed to exercise that day.

Katherine I.
I do a 10 minute full body yoga session every morning and throughout my day (every 2 hours) I'll stop what I'm doing and pick one exercise like jumping jacks to do for 50 seconds without stopping. By the end of the day I've gotten a full body workout in.