How do you push yourself to do it every morning to your fullest even when you don’t want to

Dianna P.
I give myself a minute to put myself in the right mindset. Even if I feel like I don't want to get up, start the day, or do anything there's always this one phrase that replays in my head to get me started–"Mind over Matter". Whatever I feel that's holding me back from starting the day gets pushed aside because I'm putting myself in the motivated mindset for the day. It's better to get up and start your routine than hold it off to the point where there's almost no motivation to do anything.
Leslie U.
I don't. I push myself to do at least the bare minimum. But those days I don't push myself to the fullest because then I'll feel negative about it and quit.
Maitha N.
There is a reason behind this because I wanted so I will do it I want to wake up early I want to eat breakfast in the healthy way I want to be healthy I want to do some exercise so because I want t it even if it’s hard for me