How do people who work rotating day and night shifts successfully establish a routine? I find every time I switch from days to nights, I bungle my routine and have to start over!

Desiree E.
I like to have different routines for when my shift is going to be hectic or rotating. for example, if i know i work later in the day i do all my routines in the morning. if i have a midday shift i do some in the morning before the shift and some after my shift or try to see if i can squeeze some of my routine in during my shift.
Nicoline U.
I feel like at that point, you need to establish a routine before you go to your shift. It should be in the morning. If your morning shift is at 8am, you should get up at 6, do your routine and then go. When your shift changes to nighttime, STILL wake up at 6, do your routine and go. What you need is CONSISTENCY!!
Aaminah C.
So,when you think about the logistics of it all,you can see the scheduling became a chaotic nightmare very quickly. But thankfully, there is a solution to this rotating schedule. In a rotating schedule, employees work the day shift for one or two weeks and then switch to working the night shift for one or two weeks. This keeps all your operating hours covered while still giving your employees regular time off. I hope this will help.😇