Should I still try to excercise in the morning as I am going back to school next week or just in the afternoon?

Sofa T.
Hey ! i actually workout at nighttime so i reccommend you do whats best for you. Doesnt necessary have to be in the morning. Just, find the right time in which you enjoy

Jamile E.
It depends how early you workout and if you do it after you shower you would be sweaty for school. But I’d say the afternoon is better otherwise or even both.

Roberta X.
Exercise any time of day that works best for you. Wake up an extra 30 min early and keep up your routine. Or shift it to later in the day. Consistency and comfort are the most important!

Jana Y.
I think you should try to do at least a little bit of excercise like a yoga routine or something in the morning so it gives you a kickstart! You can always do a larger excercise in the afternoon or evening!

Lo S T.
It is okay if you won't be able to do long exercise sessions, you can do some streching before you go to sleep at night or before going to school at morning.

Courtney J.
Yes you can try a 5 or 10min routine ,that will still keep u energized if your to tired at the end of the day you won't be completely breaking your exercise routine

Amina P.
I'd try to keep it going in the morning . You can do it. Make it easy for yourself and set out your clothes, coffee, brekkie, etc. Keep the momentum going! You can do this! I believe in you! This is the way you are now. 😉

Julie N.
Ive been working out in the mornings now and honestly i feel a huge difference that does not overwhelm me but excites me. I feel energetic, strong, competent and worthy to tackle anything and face anyone. It really does help. So yes i should be working out first thing in the morning no matter what. Always make time to workout before i start my day, especially if it means waking up 1-2 hours early.