How can I celebrate my success after a successfully completed exercise routine to reinforce my habit?

Johanne G.
I can take a look in the mirror and observe my progress, and celebrate the minor discomforts in my body that let me know the exercise is working. Also, I will assert that I will. Be fit by year's end and that I will have gained 15 pounds from 140.
Flenn Z.
Pick something you like to do walk swim victory fancy treat yourself with your drink or healthy snack, meditate do something that will make you feel even better. I find happiness and success motivational meditations are my go to! Good luck
Richard X.
Take two minutes after you finish exercising to tell yourself, yes! I did another day of exercising, I feel good, my body feels good and soon I will start to see the results, I started the day positive and I am grateful I was able to do this. Say it as a mantra if you will, but just thinking or repeating this is a way of celebrating that you did it, that you woke up and you achieved this when before you wouldn't even think about it or wouldn't even get out of bed to exercise, and that is your little victory.
Faustino Q.
– Bought yourself a nice workout outfit
-Get your nails done
-Watch a good movie on Netflix
-Plan your favourite meal
– Engage in your favourite activity
Adauto Q.
Let a supportive friend know about your success, and bask in the warm glow of their admiration and praise! I used to think it was silly to let people know that I had started exercising because I felt I was doing very little, particularly compared to friends who are super fit. But it turns out that these are the friends that encourage me the most because they know how hard it can be to start and they know I’m going to feel great if I stick with it.
August P.
I do a quick and silly little celebration dance, that can be done anywhere and anytime. Literally a few seconds, that’s all. It’s something I wouldn’t normally do so it breaks any negative thought cycles and helps to reinforce new ones.
Scott A.
A massage, having nails done or simply a great cup of coffee with a friend is and awesome way to celebrate sticking to your plan. I personally feel better knowing I did this!
Landon O.
To reward yourself for working out, maybe write down the details of your workout in a calendar and after 5 in a week or so reward yourself with something bigger like a massage or workout gear. If you’re really proud of your workout after each one download a new song for your workout playlist or treat yourself to a post workout fruit smoothie.
Filippa C.
If I successfully complete my exercise routine for the week I celebrate by buying myself fresh flowers. I find that every morning when I see the vase of flowers it motivates me to keep going! If I am having a rough week I will celebrate exercising every morning by doing something small that I love. For example I will take the extra time to read a poem or draw a bird that I can see through my window. Do what makes you smile
Penny J.
Focus on how good you feel. Write it down, maybe on a post it. Later on in the day, or even the next day when you’ve slept better, pause and recognize that your exercise helped and thank yourself for giving yourself that gift. Then, shift your focus to when you next get to give yourself such a treat!
Rayan Y.
Itdepends when you do this exercise but I usually prepare a wonderful protein rich meal with many little things that make it interesting.
Albert N.
I can be greatful for making this effort to be fitter, be closer to who I am, I can enjoy my inner athletic self, I can enjoy the rush of energy and good mood, I can say I did it and give myself an imaginary high five and be proud of myself.
Tess E.
What works well for me is giving myself a mental hug. I literally imagine an older version of myself hugging a younger version and really feel it and smile. I thank myself for all the food comas I won’t get, all the energy dips I won’t get, all the anxiety that won’t come, all the stress I’ll be able to handle so much better, all the fat I won’t gain, etc. It gets me to come back to exercise every time.
Wallace Y.
DANCE! Be present, as soon as you complete a task be present in that moment, see how it feels to have just taken a step to healthier habits.
Slobodan J.
Small goals need to be celebrated. I buy good socks LOL. I go to my favorite shoe store and buy fluffy compression socks.
The bigger the challenge the better the spoils. A month without missing? New exercise outfit. New shoes. A cute little lanyard. Go crazy and go to the party store for small daily wins. Gold stars, stickers, coins. Is it your own exercise machine? Cover that baby in good job stickers. No machine. Teach into your memory and make yourself an achievement board. Lots of us use them to hold our positive reinforcement statements. Use yours to showcase your wins. Dont forget goodie days for you. Manicure, trim, wax, lunch with an old friend. Your awards can be what you like. What you choose. My only caveat? Make sure you can afford them. I got a little carried away.

Lukas U.
Pay yourself. So that when you put together the money you have saved, you can celebrate in a big way after completing a cycle. This could be a treat for a massage after three days or a salon.

Point is you can save and reward yourself at the same time.

Linda Z.
There is no end Bao! But you did a great job to suffer everyday! Maybe buying stuff that good for your future like shoes, bag, and supplements!!!
Gregory T.
You can visit your favourite spot and drink a coffee and grab a book maybe ? Actually, no idea. if you find anything let me know
Elias W.
There are many different ways to do this. One way is to motivate yourself to do something just a little bit bigger and keep doing that.
Sandra I.
Jump, dance, throw your arms in the air like Freddy Mercury in memes. I like my celebration short and in front of a mirror.
Armandino Z.
Celebration is more of a state of mind and it's this qualitative feature makes it more tangible, all that's needed is a will power, Acceptance of all the positive steps and appreciation of everything that is bringing better change in you is an inate attitude of becoming a better person every minute… That acceptance is celebration, it's beyond being quantifiable and more inside a being
Joan Y.
Do something you like and do it only after your exercise routine as a reward. It can be everything, but in that way you will want to complete your routine so that you can get your reward.
Gerdi Y.
i honestly do a little happy dance. i wave my hands in the air and pretend i am dancing to some music haha hope this helped 🙂
Holly Z.
Get excited to to make yourself a delicious breakfast (or eat one from somewhere else). You’ve earned the calories! Now that you’ve burned energy you’ll feel so right in replacing it with food.
Elio N.
Treat yourself with something that will help you reach your next goal. I try to steer clear of food as a treat, so I like to (usually) but myself something more lasting. A new yoga mat, a new nail polish, a new workout outfit, maybe go get a manicure, or some new shoes. It keeps me fresh, it gives me something to look forward to, and it helps progress me towards my goals. Win, win, win.
Vera Y.
I have found tasty post workout protein bars or shakes to be effective.

I personally drink the p90x recovery drink because it's delicious. It's expensive, so I only get it when I complete my routine.

This has a nice side benefit of making me take a lot of time to "celebrate" and let the feeling of accomplishment sink in.

Kayla J.
I like to do one of three things. Maybe you can do the same. After a hard workout I buy or make a super fresh juice of sorts and /or I give myself the freedom to walk a bit and when I can I like to jump into a cold pool.
Alexander Z.
Maybe like a fruit vegetable juice/smoothie? Not too bitter and not too sweet ? Like one of those expensive one… but not too expensive ?
Nicoline Y.
Do a little jig?
Think about the long-term implications. You will be physically fitter, you will be feeling the effect of endorphins being released, you will be healthier and smiling.
Share with others your achievements either to one friend or perhaps on social media. Go old school and have a sticker chart. You may wish to put a mark on a calendar so you can see how many days of success you have had (the app does this but there's something satisfying about striking it on yourself!)
Carmen J.
I find that just giving myself some time after to sit down and enjoy myself with a drink of water or tea or smth and just some quiet reflection is best for me.
Harry B.
The best celebration to me, is to reward my body with the right nourishment. Have a healthy and nutrient dense post workout meal, in order to support recovery and keep the momentum going
Johanne P.
Spend 5 min doing something besides eating that makes you happy. I allow myself time with the paper or working a crossword. Or – if you go to a gym, spend 5-10 min in the steam room.
Lea F.
By making something nice to myself after every time I've successfully completed an exercise routine, perhaps buying myself something small or baking, or doing a hobby I like.
Kurt T.
Celebration comes from being relaxed from exercise, and renewed from fresh air. A feeling of accomplishment is very important.