What is the best lunch break?

Anneke N.
I love lunch breaks , they are relaxing and gives you time to hang out with your friends plus you get to have yummy food that you’ve been waiting for since breakfast
Anastasia C.
The best lunch break for me other then eating is to meditate 5 minutes. Just breathing and relax yourself for the next half of your day job. I started practicing yoga as well in my lunch brake especially because I have an office job so a lil bit of streching is really good for my body and for my mind as well. Hope this answer suit you XOXO
Firmo Q.
Since i am an indian my food includes lots of spices and leaves and its kind of a nature's basket it has no preservatives not much of bread close to none and its really healthy. Also i am a rice lover and i can eat rice 3 times a day so for me a proper plate of one curry, one chapati, bowl full of rice, pickle, green chilli paste and dal would be the best lunch cuz i love eating and dosing off.
Srerenity N.
I think the best lunch break is whenever you get done doing a hat workout and it around 12:30-1:00 and you get to relax and reward yourself
Ramiro Z.
sometimes i eat what's on the table but i usually don't often have breakfast, but i think fried eggs are good for breakfast
Holger R.
The best lunch break is sitting outside in the nice weather, talking with friends and eating without feeling scared or conscious about it
Jon J.
A shorts walk, without listening to music or podcasts, just listening to your own breath, your steps and the surroundings.
Aaron Y.
I think it really depends on your time and your needs. For me personally, I like to stop working when I'm hungry, and have a meal that is light and doesn't make me sleepy afterwards. (So things like a sandwich or salad or yogurt!) I try to make sure I also don't work during my lunch break, and it's a great time to watch or listen to a 20-30min episode of a show that inspires you or makes you happy.
Kassandra E.
For me, the best lunch break -if by that one means the food for that moment- usually is a nice lettuce (sometimes I use spinach instead of lettuce), carrot, onion and tomato salad (to which I add coconut oil, Himalayan salt and seeds or grated lemon peel) with a portion of chicken or fish. To drink I usually have water with lemon and ginger in it. Some other times I have a lighter brunch, like scrambled eggs and bacon, and I accompany it with a banana, blueberries, 0% lactose milk (my partner and I are lactose intolerant) and oatmeal shake… (If I'm making the shake I might replace the oatmeal for 🥜 butter sometimes)
Gavin O.
One with a walk to clear your head, time for a light meal to keep you energised, and one where you can message and catch-up with friends on how their day is going too.
Pauline Y.
Light lunch starting with veggies, followed by proteins, followed by healthy carbs. After this take a quick stroll to help blunt blood sugar peak after the meal.
Sigrid F.
The best lunch break is spent in peace. Enjoy a good meal, followed by a walk with a friend or colleague. Ended with a coffe right before going back to work
Alicia E.
When you can stop, keep your mind in the nature. Read a new book, brief, feel the air, eat a good food. And sometimes, walk.
Michelle U.
It depends if you’re at work or home. At work if you can, always get out for a walk round the block – to stretch body and get air into lungs and mind. Take a packed lunch (either sandwiches, fruit, nuts, crisps, yoghurt etc or I always prefer leftovers from dinner the day before if I have them. Or if you have time you can prep a week’s worth of salads or Buddha bowls).
At home the same re the food you’d eat though I generally prefer a hot option such as soup, beans or cheese on toast etc and I generally take it from 11.30 depending on my schedule as I’m up early inter morning with my toddler. Also get in a walk at some point in the day.
Hope that helps.
Nafisa E.
A time spent outside having some food maybe alone too to reflect on the day so far and anything that may be on your mind that needs some thought. Taking in nature and breathing fresh air is a good way to relieve some stress. Finally, if you feel like you have a lot to accomplish today on your todo list then some meditation or yoga would be good too. X
Connor E.
Make something good for you but easy, and watch an episode of TV/part of a movie/do something else entertaining while you eat so you can relax before restarting any work left to do.
Jana N.
Best lunch break is a lunch break that contains more than one dish that may have soft food or salt food or sweet food at the end which makes it more special instead of having one type of a big portion of food
Of Lia C.
I can't really say I have a lunch break gor now because I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job. So, for now every minute to the day is lunch break for me
Debrik Q.
I usually go for a heavy lunch with a healthy diet cause the digestion power in morning works the best so it's best to eat till you are full and make it healthy make sure to have carbs and protien
Loretta F.
Taking a break from screens and technology, to go outside and be mindful of the environment. Give the mind time and space to reflect then feed it with good food after walking.
Carl E.
The best lunch break is when you get to eat what you enjoy with people you enjoy being with. It’s an added bonus when your lunch has nutritional value too.
Jon Q.
To me, the best lunch break is taking a lunch break at all. I really struggle with slowing down at all at work. So taking a lunch break is unfortunately rare for me, and is something that is one of my goals. I consistently have lower stress levels and sleep better if I've been prioritizing myself care by taking lunch breaks.
Elio O.
I don’t really understand what this question is trying to ask but I think the best thing to have for lunch is something you/ I would like to eat but also in a healthy way.
Luzie X.
The best lunch break is eating at a table with your friends, enough time to talk about some things and that you don’t have to hurry, but then you leave so you can still spend some time outside. For the rest of the lunch break you get the volleyball or football and play with each other or talk. Then you go back to class together
Dina G.
Change my surroundings, walk out from the business of the day into a quiet street, sit down with a cup of tea and slow down for a bit.
Thea Y.
It depends on your circumstances, but for me the best lunch break would be if I can enjoy my food and not to eat just to full my stomach. Although food is a daily must have but we have to remember that food can be delicious. We must enjoy it .
Lucy U.
I didn’t understand fully what you meant, but here is it. The best lunchbreak may be a simple but healthy and full sandwich. For example, I love chicken and Mayo sandwich (chicken strips [grilled or whatever you wish], lettuce, tomato and mayo. You can add carrots too.), or maybe a tuna sandwich (tuna, lettuce and carrot), a ham and cheese sandwich (ham , your prefered cheese, and you can add some vegetables maybe.) Or you can have a salad with chicken or tuna, or maybe tuna and crackers.
Jade N.
Go eat a poke bowl on my couch in front of my Tv show. Eating something that I love while watching something that brings me joy is the perfect lunch break
Dwayne U.
The best lunch break is filling up with fruits and veggies and even some protein. Maybe get in the kitchen and cook some food if you would like to also.
Mardi T.
The perfect lunch break is a green salad with white grapes n dried cranberries covered in raspberry vinegrette dressing while sitting in the gazebo at a nearby park on the lake soaking in the sun just enjoying a delicious salad on a gorgeous afternoon.
Kirsi M P N.
The best lunch break is always a time where you can gain the most energy. Take a lunch break when you finished a task or unable to focus on a task. Take you time to make and eat your lunch. Make sure your lunch contains healthy ingredients that help you gain energy.
Karla O.
The best lunch break is one I feel more than happy to partake in. Today I ate a chicken protein salad because I WANTED to. I truly enjoyed it. The best lunch break is one you enjoy and willingly maintain because it helps you feel good….and also sometimes eating the sweet thing.
Norman P.
I work out on my lunch break, which means getting away from the desk and then after working out 45-1hr, I’ll have a salad.

Reason being is the low carb lunch means you don’t overexert yourself and avoid the infamous afternoon slump!

Gaud Ncia A.
When you actually enjoy the food and/or with the people that make you happy. It’s also good when you are relaxing and taking a moment.
Alex Q.
i very much love salads! mostly with some proteins in it too (such as tuna or eggs or, if you like them, tempeh or tofu, or beans)… also sandwiches are pretty cool! make sure you put all the nutrients in (healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables), but you can get whatever you like! you can also get those lunch boxes that you can fill with a lot of different things (pasta, vegetables, meat for example), so that you can prepare your lunch at home with your time🥰
Olivia P.
The best lunch break is when you can enjoy your food outside while the sun is shining. I guess these ones happen at spring time. You just grab some food you really enjoy, invite your fabulous colegues and just eat under the warm sun. Such a way to romanticise life!
G Vio S.
Nuts and boiled eggs are good protein sources. Fruits (my favourite bananas), give you fast energy. And all of them don’t need plastic packages, you’re helping the environment while you’re eating healthy
Deep W.
When you're eating lunch with your friends, or binging an interesting anime… for me it's not about the food but what I'm doing while eating it. That being said I won't eat spinach if my life depends on it.
Mac U.
I like to have some protein, usually meat, fish, poultry, or dairy … Plus a couple vegetables and one fruit … Some bread … A small dessert of some kind is okay.
Timon N.
Sitting in the sun in nature with a nice self made meal, maybe some white beans & adzuki beans cooked with tomatoes onions, garlic and some Parmesan. Add some home baked bread and maybe an egg + a little bit of bacon (if you’re into that) Enjoy and be grateful!!!
Zs Fia Z.
Best lunch break… The sun is still high in the sky, but I have already finished a rather big project and I feel accomplished. It is time to celebrate with a lunch that will give opportunity to reflect on how I feel and fuel with energy for the rest if the day. I will take a salad with goat cheese, baked vegetables and pine seeds. I will remember to take my mid-day vitamins and finish it with a cappuchino. The sun is shining and as sipping the hot drink I can feel my skin warming up. I close my eyes and feel ready for a second part of a great day.
Linda N.
A break that I take for myself to eat a well balanced meal reading or listening to music or being outside. It’s important to rest and stake time to literally take a break and get a fresh start get energy and get a different mindset before going back to the task at hand
Julie E.
the best lunch break is having time to recharge and get my mind off of work. ideally i could go home but if that is not possible i like to spend time alone relaxing
Ramon F.
For me the best lunch break is to get some fresh air and unwind a little bit. Honestly, it became an important part of my routine. Very often I’d feel stressed or
Roy T.
I don't think there is a "best" lunch break,a lunch break it's a good experience usually, so um..u make your lunch brake "the best one" if u are like maybe having a distraction,like a friend, but its not necessary, cuz like, a lunch brake its a good think by its self..i hope u are having a great day King/Queen(or both,but u know)
Faith N.
Sitting down with someone and having a good conversation while eating something healthy and nutritious that doesn't make you feel hungry after you finish
Kelly F.
Taking time to have lunch with the family. Picking up the kids picking up the spouse and having a family lunch maybe by surprise
Marzena C.
La migliore pausa pranzo è quando sono in ufficio e mentre mangio posso chiacchierare con qualcuno che è al di fuori della mia famiglia e mangiare un bel poke o qualcosa cmq di salutare con verdura e soprattutto un alimento ricco di proteine
Bonnie C.
The best lunch break is around 10:30 am because if you are planning on working outside, you can do something while the dew dries.