How do you stay motivated to exercise on days when you’re just exhausted and had a 12-hour shift at work?

Valentim O.
If you're really exhausted it's best for you to not exercise
But if you're not that exhausted, you can go to the gym and things will motivate you there
If you're at home, put on some gym clothes and turn on a video, and when you feel like it, continue with the coach
Luis E.
Di solito vedo come comportarmi, non c’è nulla di male nell’ascoltare il proprio corpo. L’importante è non strafare, penso che siano i momenti in cui non ho voglia di fare nulla quelli che dovrei riempire maggiormente!
Annette S.
Remind myself that event though I’m exhausted, I’ll feel more refreshed after exercise. And the sooner I do it, the sooner I’ll feel better
A B.
I take a walk durning my breaks. It isn’t a long walk but it keeps me moving and doesn’t over stress. In fact it helps me calm down.
Clifton W.
I like to workout so for me I don’t have a problem getting motivated. Just think of the end result and that should help.
Kathy F.
Pair your workout with a treat that only happens during your workout. For example, listening to a podcast (e.g. Welcome to Night Vale or Start With This) while walking, or watching fanvids while you are on an elliptical trainer or treadmill. Also give yourself permission to do a short or easy workout now and then, so long as you do show up to work out (or have a home routine variation) — once you're at the gym or have your workout stuff at the ready, you might find that your energy returns! Another possibility is getting set up for a rhythm game; my friend is set up for VR, and I never sweat as much as when I'm enjoying a few rounds of Beat Saber! Doesn't feel like a workout until the next day ^_^
Andreas P.
Well for me exercising after a long and exhausting day is the key to let go of negative emotions and to think about how the day went it helps me concentrate and get perspective on things to come in the following days, i usually work out 4-5 times a week at around 8:30-9pm
Fastiel N.
I feel like when I come back from work and haven’t done extra exercise in my break or in the morning, my energy is still high and can’t fall asleep. I work as chef-aid in a kitchen And carry lots of heavy things, but not enough to fall asleep fast enough when I get back to my bed! So when i dont exercise, I sleep less.
Brierlyn O.
I think maybe if you take a quick power nap and really feel up to do it then maybe you’ll have some energy and motivation to exercise. Also your exercise doesn’t have to be a big one. you could take a quick walk, quick jog, 10min yoga, etc. I hope this helped! Have an amazing day!
Mary C.
I always just re-think in my head about how I want to be with my exercise habits and think of how happy I will be to complete a challenge. It helps motivate me and I hope to get better at other challenges.
Sean J.
Think about your end point. Think about the reason you exercise is it for your health, wellbeing, children or yourself. Life is challenging but Think about what's down the road what would happen if you didn't exercise? Would you lose motivation entirely and give up. Sure its one day but what if tomorrow you don't feel motivated the the next etc.
Gerald T.
I can only answer as a teen, but I understand how that feels to be overrun by schoolwork. If you want to stay motivated, do the things you enjoy that will make you happy. If you feel like giving up, just remember what you're doing all of it for. Weather it's to make yourself feel good, or a goal you want to achieve, or even a fear to overcome. Just remember, to stop saying "I wish." Start saying "I will."
I hope this helped:)
Tamanna N.
I believe that you should exercise in the morning before your shift of work. Not like a very excessive "burning all your calories" workout but rather something simpler and more easy like a 5 minute stretch or whatever feels like you .
Steph N.
I think its important to take a couple breathes, and be proud of yourself for how far youve come. Be gentle with yourself whether you do or dont do the thing that day, and pick it right back up the next day.

You dont have to do an intense workout, moving your body for even 3 minutes is better than not. Do some yoga, do some general stretches, walk to a coffee, whatever you can do is enough.

Jac P.
The answer is: you don't
I've a friend just like you, but he'd found a solution
In that 12-hour shift of yours, there must be many breaks, right? Even 1-2 min break is fine
Once you find out those 1-2 min totally free, start moving your body a bit
I suggest jumping jack, push up, and running in place, each for 10s
It takes only baby steps like this for you to get better

Let's get moving 2day, I'm rooting 4 u 😉

Jeffery R.
I exercise twice a week, because I am student I need to organize my time in a schedule, but the wind does not come as the ships desire, sometimes something necessary comes and I don't know how to organize it with the rest of my time in the schedule.
Alfred P.
I try to exercise before work, but if I don't have time for that, I usually use tiredness as a motivation. I get excited and motivated about feeling a good kind of tiredness from working hard at work and at the gym. It makes me want to exercise so that I can go home to bed knowing I deserve to rest
Aleeya A.
Personally, I just do some light exercises every day like stretches as I’m a high school student so I’m quite busy. I’ll do the heavy exercises in the weekends if I have enough free time. But anyways, consistency is the key 😀
Thea N.
I remember why I’m doing it. True growth comes from discipline, not motivation and I know how great it will make me feel.
Nur A.
I just do it. Motivation is not a big part of my drive to do something. Maybe around 20 to 30 percent. Discipline however drives me to just do it. I know I am getting closer to the lifestyle that I dream for. However, if I felt that maybe I need to take a break. Then I will tell myself it's okay. On some occasion I will push myself to do it because I know deep down without struggle there is no progress.
Noelle Y.
I've been struggling with the same thing, and honestly I had so much on my plate at the end of last year, some things had to give, which one of those things was exercise, and you're talking to someone whose been a gym rat most of 2021. I think the best approach is finding any small movement for at least 10 mins, then maybe 20 next time, then 30 the next, would have to be it. It's finding movement that brings you joy. If you hate running, don't make yourself run, and instead do a fun YouTube exercise video, just to get started. See how you feel after that day, and adjust for the next 🙂
Isa N.
I try my best to do at least 10-15mins in the morning and at night – make it a good habit – set out a daily routine – it won’t happen overnight but it will happen.
Slowly but surely !
At the moment I’m better at doing my exercise routines in the morning I wake up
Annabel G.
To be completely honest with you😂😂- When I'm reallyyyy exhausted I sometimes just don't exercise because your body needs rest too! Buttt that happens rarely and when I am exhausted from something I just tell myself that I'll do half of it! That way it's easier for me to start with the workout. Once I do start I get energized and will complete the whole exercise 🙂
Robim N.
my husband used to work 12 hr shifts. He liked to ride a stationary bike. I find simple exercise like sun salutations work for me when in a crunch.
Lukas U.
I always try to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I CAN'T. If you look hard enough you can find something you can do even if you're tired, have a head ache, sore muscles, etc. Remember doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING. Maybe you only do 5 minutes of sit ups, or 10 minutes of stretching or yoga, or go for a brisk walk, or a little tai chi. But it's better than nothing. In fact it might help you relax and feel more energized when you're exhausted. Try keeping a list of small work outs on your phone so you have a lot of go to options. I hope this helps! And remember: YOU'RE FABULOUS!
Jenna Z.
Remind yourself that work is unavoidable but taking care of yourself, Mind and body alike, should never be pushed to the background because of it. Self care will give you the ability to stay strong enough to keep moving forward.
Serena G.
Well, I am willing to try but it doesn't mean I will actually succeed. I believe I just need to get an hour for myself once I come back home from work. Have a shower, washing out of stress and tiredness. Then organise the room with candles and incense and create a relaxing atmosphere. At this point I'll try to meditate for 10 minutes and maybe do some yoga. I believe organising a nice and cosy environment around you is important as a first thing to get started.
Elijah F.
I usually like to come home and have some water and if I can, go straight into the exercise. I find that if I stay still for too long when I get home, I can’t find the motivation to get back up again to exercise. So, I usually exercise almost as soon as I do and take a shower to feel refreshed before bed.
Gabe S.
You do not have to be extreme with the exercise plan. Just be consistent. Also, doing it first thing in the morning is the best way.
Shamima L.
To stay motivated while exercise 💪
Follow this tips and tricks-
1) Do exercise from any app ( Height Increse)
2) After finishing exercise put a tick mark on Fabulous
3) Always remember,"Never give up" When there is hard exercise You have to say this to yourself
Nataka C.
I try to talk myself into that it will help me it will boost me and i will feel Good afterwards maybe you can try exercise in the morning if in the night doesnt suit you
Rosa Z.
Always get some form of exercise before work. I work anywhere from 10-17hr days (small business owner). I almost never want to workout after work. It's more of another thing I must do to check off my list. Some days my exercise is a 30 min walk, some days it's a bruiser gym session. Take advantage of the days you have extra energy and stay committed on the days you don't.
Evan U.
We all would like to be fit and strong and doing a lot of exercises seems like a way to go. However sometimes it's really hard to even begin them after a long day.

I used to do many different exercise plans and found out that I am not able to be consistent with the long hard ones, so except doing them I made myself a workout plan that would be really easy for me like some stretching and I did that consistently. If after those simple exercises I had energy to do more exercises – I did more. I think that doing some easy exercises that you promised yourself to do for example every 2 days sometimes motivates to do more harder exercises, because exercising gives energy. The first step is always the hardest one and I think that we should always start small (just like with the glass of water 🙂 ) to take big steps.

From practical side, remember to give your body fuel, so it can work properly. Try maybe grabbing something easily digested and full of healthy carbs an hour before exercising.

I hope I helped you and I hope that you will find the strengh in yourself that you are looking for. Have a great day 🙂