How do I get out of my own way, I’m afraid to exercise to heavily since my surgery even though the surgeons said I was fine. It’s just that I’m worried they might be wrong or that I want to be ok but I’m afraid. I just have to slowly get back up on that horse again I think. I need to slowly trust they were right and that I’m ok.

Bella P.
I need to first feel what i’m feeling & put those emotions aside not allowing my emotions to make my decisions. Not allowing fear to cause me to not do things that are beneficial to my body & my overall health. Knowing that not everything that is beneficial for me will feel comfortable because usually the times you are most comfortable is when you won’t continue to grow. My surgeons have told me that i am okay to workout & the only way to not procrastinate or letting my emotions affect my decisions is by going for it. Unless i feel like something is still not healed.. I also don’t need to start with intensity workouts right now but as long as i’m trying & going for it, that’s the first step to making progress.
Kaylen J.
Something that I find helpful is just to start with little stretches. Maybe your arms or back, just something low intensity until you can prove to yourself that your body is in perfect condition to exercise. Once you feel okay with stretches you can try short but higher intensity workouts. But if you ever feel like something’s wrong, don’t hesitate to go to someone else and get a second opinion. But if you just do some small stretches to start, it’s already a big step. Good luck!
Lebogang X.
The best thing to do is to ease into a more intense routine step by step and observe how your body responds to it. I honestly believe everything will be fine if you take it a day at a time making sure to do better than you did the day before.
Everett Y.
Yes get on that horse again(no literally). But also remember that it’s ok to be worried. But turn that worry into trust.
Denda W.
You need to get out of your comfort zone fr. I know, trying again and again, while failing again and again IS VERY tiring. But, it's part of The process. You just got to keep on going. Don't ever give up on yourself!!
Jazmin Y.
Don't feel pressured to work out, but if you do want to, do small steps, like walking a mile, doing jumping jacks, or doing wall push-ups if you can, also if you do want to get back into the habit of working out, try setting aside days, like on Mondays and Fridays you could work out, or on Monday and every other day you could work out for 10-20 minutes