What exercise do you like to do?

Kyle E.
I prefer walking rather than running or doing yoga. Also, I enjoy walking with a friend so that we can talk and time goes faster.
Ksenia Q.
I prefer doing a plank and it’s variations. Justdancenow app also works well, altogether with intensive dancing “workout” it cheers me up for the day.
Emmy S.
I like walking my dog. Usually it’s just around the neighborhood, sometimes we go for adventures. I’ve stopped looking at my phone while we walk. Makes me feel more connected with what I’m doing. Gives me time to mediate on my thoughts.
Lorenzo E.
I am unable to do extreme exercise like waight lifting or running for a long time, etc. Due to my health. However, I do some simple walking. Sometimes I have to walk to school and that is enough to get the blood going or even just using a treadmill.
Irene Z.
I like to do bootcamp style circuit training. Unfortunately my place closed so I don’t get to do that anymore. I have a rebounder (mini trampoline) which is both fun and challenging. For the past month I’ve been using an App called Fitcoach. It’s been extremely helpful because every day it serves up several quick workouts. They are 7 to 10 minutes each. This has helped me exercise every day since the end of December. Hard to tell yourself you don’t have 7 minutes. I typically end up doing all the workouts which can take -5-30 minutes. sometimes I don’t have enough time in the morning do I finish in the evening.
Pru C.
I cycle and run. This week I am on a skiing holiday so doing exercise every day. My body gets very tired so I try to rest every 3/4 days – I don't think it's good to push yourself too hard, especially not in the beginning if you are going to make it a habit. Try signing up for a sport event eg 10k run or cycle and it will give you something to aim for which makes it a lot easier!
Turgo P.
Usually I prefer to dance or take group’s classes such as Pole Dance, Aerials, etc.

I believe in external accountability and enjoy movements but not like to do things alone like: gyms, running, etc.

Alexon S.
A 7 minute which is actually a 9 minute exercise session is what I do.
Despite of that I have started to do face yoga as soon as i wake up.
A simple exercise that i’d suggest is to rub both of your hands palms together and put on your face like gently press (kind of massage) for a while!
Arthur U.
I like to run three times a week I like to swim three times a week and I like the bike two times a week I also like to dance and play soccer and Ski and Surf for my hobbies
Randy E.
I like doing cardio, such as running and cycling, but in these past few days I’ve been getting into dancing, as in I put on some music and dance my heart out. It makes me feel so happy and free!
Debra Y.
Asana Rebel(yoga/pilates/fitness mix), Freeletics (high intensity body weight training max 30 minutes), and running. Occasionally swimming.
Chloe O.
I like to do squats and wall push ups. They're the simplest to do quickly, so it's easier for me to resist putting it off or skipping it entirely.
Claire F.
I like all kinds of exercise but mostly what is important is variety- I get bored. I'm training for a half marathon but right now that's only 3 days of running. I like to add in Yoga(ish, im not very good at it), walking, HIIT, and weightlifting.