How do you make exercise fun when it seems to be a burden?

Konstantijn I.
Do it with others! Not only does this make it fun, it also makes it embarrassing to just quit because you have other people to hold you accountable 😂
Ga L A.
To make exercise more fun, instead of doing routine I do a hobby that I've always wanted to do. For me it's skateboarding. For you it could be swimming, bike riding or dancing to music. Exercise doesn't have to be work, it can be fun as well
Nathaniel O.
Becoming a better version of yourself shouldn't feel like a burden. Joining a group to be amongst like minded people is both fun and motivating!
Andreas C.
I like to add something fun or that I like to my exercising, like music. Or exercise can be apart of your day by changing a routine, like your commute.
Randie O.
Things you may not think of being "exercise" can be more fun than going to the gym. You ever see how sweaty musicians get during a show? That is definitely exercise and is so much more fun than running on a treadmill.
Holly N.
One of the easiest ways to do this is by doing an exercise that you think is fun! Sign up for a class, or do something at home. Dance along to your favourite music, start yoga, try tai chi. Once you find yourself enjoying something fun and simple, you’ll find doing other forms of exercise more enjoyable too! Remember not to push yourself far outside your limit, otherwise you’ll dread exercising because of the strain you’re putting on yourself. And make your workouts more fun by getting some workout clothing you really love, or even just a water bottle if money is tight! Combine all of these things with some fun music and you’ll start to look forward to working out.
Uir Z.
Do something fun and active with my kids…play basketball in driveway, badminton, etc or walk my dog. I find that if I am spending time with loved ones I am more interested in the activity and I don’t feel badly about time spent away from them.
Mark Ta M.
It really depends on what type of exercise you do. Choose one that makes you happy, not anything that's boring or difficult for you. You can even turn on your favorite music and dance around the house. I personally do a little yoga trainings every day before breakfast. And I always celebrate when I finish. It makes me feel happy and satisfied and excited for breakfast :))
Burkard R.
I feel that when I concentrate on how it will make me feel and no matter what the exercise is that is what I'm looking for
Magnus A.
I can't cope with standard sorts of exercising – I find it painful and boring! So I got the Ringfit for Switch, which turns exercise into a proper game, and took up archery for an unusual but not too vigorous sport (due to health issues). Find something that interests or excites you, and find a way to work exercise into that. You'll find it won't be as much of a burden then 🙂
Jerry E.
Take small steps at a time and add a part to it that you enjoy. For example dance can be exercise too, or add you favourite music only when you work out so it becomes something to look foward too
Telmo Z.
I try playing sports, going for a swim, working out with a friend and then reward myself afterwards. E.g walk around the entire bays and on my way back, grab a single scoop ice cream or go and do an hour class at the gym and grab a yummy smoothie afterwards.
Leemar N.
Put some music on, enjoy yourself! If it feels like a burden then give yourself some breaks so that you can enjoy, but ALWAYS GET BACK TO DOING IT!! If you don't you might make a habit of that and won't help you get anywhere and also, you'll just be fooling yourself if you think that your making progress. Xx Hope this helped. LA