How long does your morning workout last? What do you do if you miss one day?

Ken J.
I’ve been working out in the morning for two weeks now. I made a deal with myself that I could only miss it if I was really late for school or I slept really little. So far that hasn’t happened yet because I really like working out in the morning and I’m pretty motivated most of the time. When I miss my workout I sometimes do it later but when I don’t have time for it then I just let it go. I think you should be able to skip a workout or eat unhealthy without feeling guilty about it because we’re still human!

Ava Y.
My workout session is about 20 minutes with a DVD series. If I miss a day I go for a brisk walk at lunch break, or a jog or complete the workout session in the evening. During the day I try to be aware of ways to be active on the job.

Caroline F.
I don't do a morning workout because I'm slow in the morning. However I do evening workout, just 3 hours to bed and it lasts 40mins.

Luka E.
There are ideally three components to my morning workout: my chiropractor home exercises (5 minutes), Pilates (15 minutes), and surge training (12 minutes). I do all three whenever possible, but sometimes I simply don’t have time or energy to do any of them. In that case I just resume the next day.

Mathias Z.
I use an app called 7minutes workout. Most times it lasts about 8-9 minutes.
When I miss a day I just continue the next that. My goal is to avoid going up to 3 days without working out.

Augustin Z.
My morning workout routine is 10 minutes week days and 15-20 minutes on weekends. It is fine if you miss a day on accident like you don’t have time but slowly through your day do small things like a few sit-ups or some push-ups. If you just don’t want to do it get someone one special to motivate you.

Liesel T.
My morning workout can last from 8 minutes to 15 minutes if I'm caught short in the morning I'll fit it in pieces maybe while a cup of tea is brewing I'll do shorter bits where I can and then if I miss it I will fit it in where I can during the day or just do some other simple stretches where I can.

Jeremy J.
It's very quick. Basically simply making sure my posture is straight and brief stretches because I am really inflexible.

J Ni I.
Lasts for 1 min .. i do some yoga sun salutation poses .. if i missed one day nothing happens i just continue the day after

Clara C.
My morning workout last 7 minutes only. During the weekend, I have more time to exercise for 40 minutes. If I miss in the morning, I can exercise before going to bed.

Adam A.
I do the 7 minute workout suggested by the app. It is quick, invigorating, and a little bit challenging, at least for me. If I miss a day, I do it the next, no biggie. But in the spirit of keeping up the exercise habit, I put on some music and dance for a bit if I don't have the time or energy for the 7 minute workout.

Nadeshda F.
It usually lasts for around 10 minutes as I dance for 3 songs. If I miss one day, I guess I would just do it in the next day and try not to miss it again.

Inguelore P.
I ride My bike to work. It's about 20 min. And if I miss the morning ride then I either workout at the gym or go for a run in the evening when the Kids are tucked in. When I miss a Days workout I remind myself that it is not the one time that count It's the many other times that I succeed that makes the difference in the long run.

Kitty J.
My morning routine is only 8 minutes right now. I walk in the neighborhood, walk on the treadmill, or dance in my living room. If I miss it, then I try to make it up in the evening. If I can't, then I forgive myself and start the next day determined to get back to the routine. I've asked my husband to be my accountability partner by inviting him to the app. We'll see if he joins.

Queila Z.
My morning workout is usually an hour. I work out about 6 days a week and usually schedule a work out class or group run, which helps with accountability.

Dinis C.
The workout itself takes 10-15 minutes. So far I haven’t missed one, but I know there will be occasions when I do.

In which case I would do it in the evening instead.

My whole morning routine spans across an hour, so I need to make sure I get up on time to give myself the best chance of completing it.

If I don’t then I can always catch up at night. But if I meditate at lunch I should be able to forgive myself.

Dorothea F.
I am dedicated not to lose my planned routines! I excersise first thing in the mourning – I skip rope for 7 mins straight, then I do some stretching and strength calisthenics or power yoga for 10-15 mins (love the 🐸 stance and the handstand progressions). Everything lasts about 20 mins then I take a quick shower and eat my superfood breakfast!!
Yum – Yum!!!

Cec Lia B.
I try to keep it for no more than 30min … For me is better to workout in the morning but if I can’t make it one day for any reason I just try to no stick with a schedule… I just know that I have to workout that day and if I skip it in the morning that will be waiting for me at night

Heldo G.
I don’t have a morning workout but I am considering one. If I were to have a morning workout I would do it for 30 mins. If I missed a day then I would make up for it by doing an extra rep each for my evening/regular workout.

L O E.
It lasts for 8 to 10 mins.
I do a few push ups, stretches and yoga.
I am able to do it 3 to 4 times per week, want to increase it to 6 times each week and increase the time duration to 15 mins every time.

If I miss it, I do not have any substitute action for it.

Philip X.
30 mints workout i generally prefer. Yes sometimes i miss my morning workout, work around is to shift it to evening to maintain the streak. Don't disappoint yourself if you miss in between. Keep trying

Sophia Y.
My morning routine is more spread out throughout my morning because I have work so early every day. So, I wake up and drink water first and then I get ready for work. I come home a few hours later and do a 30 minute yoga on youtube and then wait until 12 to eat (I’m doing intermittent fasting). Overall my morning routine takes a solid 6ish hours to complete, but that’s just because it’s so spread out. This also just means you can feel free to make the morning routine as long as you need it to be! Whatever works for you! If I miss a day, I just accept that I make mistakes like everyone else in life and choose to see the next day as a fresh start and new beginning. Hope this helps!

Marie R.
Hello my last morning workout was 2 min ago 😊. I am learning to listen myself and be more relax with me. If i skip one day I just give me love and time and I do what’s my intuition tell me to do.

Joel S.
Actually, I have excercise as part of my afternoon routine, that way I don’t feel any presuare to do it any time of day. A morning workout isn’t realistic for me at this point in my life, as I either start at 6am or 3pm. I’m either too tired or I want to enjoy my free morning by sitting at home! Most of my excercise gets done naturellt during the day, on my way to work.

Wallace P.
My morning workout is 10minutes long, I get up as soon as the alarm goes off, 1 minute of grounding my body and I row for 10mins in my pjs.

Liva C.
I usually do anything between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the time I have. I have a set of exercises that I either repeat a couple more times or hold a position for longer. Maybr add a couple of new ones if I have time. Also, if I miss one, I might do it later in the afternoon if I remember to do so, if not I just resume my normal routine the next day.

Bill U.
I generally dance to music while I'm doing the washing up in the morning. I do it for the 8 minute timer on the fabulous routine, but have been known to carry on past this 😉 As this marks the end of my morning routine, I always take time to celebrate, I usually do a little celebratory dance or even just tell myself that I am proud of myself for completing my morning golden triangle.

I am only on day 8 of my journey, so I have yet to miss a day, but i think that was I to miss a dance session, I would give myself a break, sometimes life doesn't allow our routines to flourish, and just make sure to have my headphones with me the next morning ready to go!

Murilo F.
30 min to 1hour. If I miss a day, I try to make sure to have a more strenuous session the next day. Also, stretching 10-15 min before and after working out should be a regular so you do not cause unnecessary injuries.

Druso Q.
It lasts between 45 and 50 minutes. Only Saturdays I decided to do a 15m stretching routine and so far whenever I miss it in the morning I just do it during the day as soon as I have time. This helps me keep up with the excersise. The key is constancy and yes, soon you just get used to it.

Jenny E.
Right now my workout lasts 5 minutes but I’ll grow on that. And if I miss a day, that’s ok! Just go a little harder the next day and try not to forget!

Liva P.
10 minutes. I make up for it at work by dancing, walking, or going to our fitness room for my break, if I miss it before I leave my house for the day.

Gertrude Z.
My workouts vary in length. If I’m doing core and weights it’s only about 40 minutes three times a week early in the morning. Sometimes it’s a walk with my dog for 25 minutes. Other times my workout is a tennis match that takes about an hour and a half. I get back on track if I miss a day.