How to become more focused while exercising? The more tired I become the more my mind wanders while exercising which increases my exercise time.

Nellie O.
Like when meditating, use some kind of guidance or other input. Listen to music or a podcast, something you find interesting. I listen to a particular podcast that comes out three times a week and goes for about 25-30 minutes at a time, enough for me to get in a good walk or a proper work out. Guided yoga is also good, as are programs like couch to 5k, which provide you with input on how you are progressing
Morgan C.
I keep my morning exercise short. I do yoga or stretches immediately after waking up. For me it helps to focus on my breathing. For things like running, HIIT, or strength training, I listen to a work out playlist. If it’s a really long work out, I even watch TV or listen to a podcast.
Nanna W.
Start small by reducing your current exercising time and focus on exercise that can improve a part of your body you care a lot about…for example exercises for legs, or arms, or for your back