How can I manage the exercise or good morning routine habit in my career which when I have to work both night and day shifts?

Christa E.
Try to prepare your breakfast in advance, say put dry oats into the pan from the evening. That will help. Also, do not delay exercise even for a minute compared to the time you scheduled it for. Plan 25 minutes for breakfast and 20 for exercise that takes 9 in this way you will never be stressed of the routine
Marius X.
Try the 1 minute exercise routine. If it doesn't work reduce the duration a little but like 30secs. It's about creating a habit, no matter how small it might be.
Sol Ne Y.
Well what I am finding to be helpful is to give myself a specific amount of time dedicated to my "morning routine" right before the start of my work/gig no matter when it starts. Definitely adds a little extra work in the time management department but has been beneficial so far!
Dinor N.
Honestly, just keep it simple. Don’t give yourself too much to do in the midst of a busy schedule. The stronger a habit is, the easier it is to add new ones, so you can increase the amount of habits later, but for now just have a few key things integral to your goals. Let the exercise be a quick 10 mins or less kinda session, or even just good stretching if you’re stretched on time. If it doesn’t work for your mornings, do it at a different time. I personally do all of my exercising before bed, with a super quick Yoga routine in the morning.
Clara C.
I would try to set Routine Reminders for all wake-up times. Regardless of the time you wake up, you treat it as morning and do your morning routine.
Bruna Z.
Break it up into the smallest possible pieces. The minute you awake, drink water. Eat something even if it’s a bar and even if your breakfast is at midnight. Break exercise up — a few years ago when I wanted to exercise I started by every time I went into the bathroom I did 10 squats. Pushups against a counter. High marches in place for a couple of minutes anytime. It’s amazing how it adds up and how satisfying it is.
Debra W.
When you excercise your sleep quality improves so incorporating short high intensity workout sessions will allow you to sleep faster and better. The water habit will increase the oxygen in your brain and you will feel fresh no matter the time you wake up.
Alison E.
As long as you set a schedule at the beginning of the week I think you can! Set a time each day that week that is the most likely time that you can exercise.
Maxime P.
I have had the same problem for years. Get a routine on a different time and plan ahead. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to find a mix that works for you.
Jackie O.
The answer for me has always been either work out really early or really late before or after work but neither have worked for me really I just count all the walking I did at work as exercise or try to walk a lot and rat breakfast on my break. At work I'm allowed to take a little break to eat. The good morning routine I check off whenever I've hady first meal whether that's in the morning or in the afternoon
Oxana F.
I struggle with the same thing! I’m an RN with crazy hours. I focused first on my days off and promised myself I’d do the routine first thing when I woke up. That gave me 2-3 days a week where I was consistently doing it- which includes exercise. Then on my crazy 12 hour days I simplified it and just kept the most essential habits and trimmed my exercise down to 8-10 min whenever I woke up. I think the key for me is do some version of the daily routine right when you wake up, whenever that may be. And focus first on getting enough sleep!
Thibault B.
Maybe do the morning routine when you get up – no matter what time of the day it is. The most important thing is to do it continuously. Your exercise might be part of the waking up routine in order to get it done before
Adeline E.
Take your work out clothes and leave it near your bed. When you wake up put it on and do some exercise even if just 5mins. The more movitated you are the more exercise you will do
Bernice T.
In a 24 hour period, when you wake up for the day (even if it is at night) treat that as your “morning”. You may have to adjust your schedule a tiny bit but it will be worth it.
Gail U.
Why don't you try and make shifts for your routines too? You can have one for when you work during the day, and exercise in the morning, and one for the night shifts. In this case, you'll probably exercise in the evening, before going to work.
Myrtle E.
Exercise during work🙂 if your job is a sitting job stand for a while 🙂. On the night shifts run inside the building probably up and down the stairs 🙂
Josiele C.
I go to school full time in the day and work full time all night long. Also a single mother. 15 minutes goes a long way. Try to get a small, 15 minute exercise before work or school, go for a walk during your lunch hour, yoga before bedtime or even yoga IN BED! LOL. And most importantly, on my days off, I devote a full hour of full body workout. Hope this helps. Take care.
Anna O.
I have to do the same!!! Its hard. I have tried lots of things but I find that you simply just have to find a way to make it work around your life. If you do the exercise habit in the evening sometimes, that is better than not doing it at all.
Sergio E.
Well, my issue is early morning because I am a teacher. I get up around 4 am and start my routine of getting ready and planning. I need to start getting ready for the whole week to save on time so that I can start living healtier. This will be true once I start meditation and stuff so Sunday, I will start prepping for the week.
S Crates N.
Sounds rough, I hope you are catching some rest. It’s hard to balance out but maybe focus on when you will be getting rest. Inconsistency is hard but if you can at least focus on when you will be getting rest. Know that when you wake up from that sleep you will have habits that will stick as a “wake up” routine. Hopefully sooner that later you will have a bit more freedom with your time.