What kind of exercise do you do every morning?

Mitchell F.
An exercise plan from the Nike Training Club fitness app. It's free and tailors the workouts to your ability and how often you do them.
Ricky T.
I use the Fabulous workouts here – either the 7 minute one, or a combo of the ab workout and the 1 minute one, and lately I have been trying to wrap up either with some basic yoga poses (downward dog, cat/cow, suptapatagustasana, etc.)
Christiane R.
Two days a week I go to Silver Sneakers Yoga. I’ve started trying to do 10 minutes a Day with planks and barbells. (I’m only up to 30 seconds with the plank)! It’s HARD! Plus, I try to get at least 2 to 3K steps a day.
Sophia Q.
I alternate between running and vinyasa style yoga (it combines strength and flexibility). I find that this combination helps reduce stress and anxiety, helps me breathe easier, and gives me more energy.
Kenzo A.
I have been jumping on a mini trampoline and doing some free weights. When the weather gets better I want to add a walk outside.
Deborah W.
I've done all different exercise this week. On Saturday I went to yoga class, on Sunday I tried Twerk class, on Monday I danced around the house, and on Tuesday I walked on the beach.
Vera J.
I just stretch my legs and arms. I start either from my head and neck, or from my feet and then I go upwards with the stretching exercises. I just do… Like four repetitions and I'm done.
Emeline P.
Alternate between a 15min yoga (yin or hatha), a 5min ab workout app, and just stretching, depending on how much time I have before leaving for work. The more time I have, the longer the routine. At worst, I “just stretch”.
Ella Z.
Either laps on the stairs, yoga/stretching or body weight and kettle bell exercises – it is pretty free form but whatever gets my heart rate up. It might be nice to do 30 min of cardio in the morning and weight training in the afternoon though.
Valentin Y.
I focus on yoga every morning. I've found the more intense the sweating, the harder it is for me to make the change. I want to focus on ways to be healthy that are attainable for me, and I'm just not the weight-lifting, running, crazy intense workout kind of person. I tried to make that work for years and it just didn't stick. Now I am focusing on yoga and walking, things I already like to do, and then maybe once I gain some traction I will up the intensity. For now, yoga in the mornings makes me feel prepared for the day. It sneaks in a little meditation time at the end, so I've moved my muscles and gotten blood flow going, as well as mentally giving myself time to prepare for what's important to me that day.
Alison F.
Since I don't have much time in the morning before going to work, I just put any short 8 minute cardio workout from youtube. As long as it gets me moving and my heart rate up, I'm good. It helps me wake up. I do an actual 1 hour gym session in the evenings after work.
Alexandra O.
I actually use an app called 8-fit for my morning workout! I found that it was hard for me to create exercise routines that were new and always fun – and that really prevented me from enjoying my workout in the morning. 8-fit was perfect for me though! It creates 8-10 minute workout sessions based on your personal needs/preferences (for free!). It’s also great because it slowly increases the workout difficulty over time, and always has new and fun exercises to do every day! If you want to pay for a membership (I don’t lol), the app also allows you to track your nutrition/diet. I find that it’s a super useful health app, and I highly recommend it!
Magnus X.
I run, dance, stretch, mainly stretch and I breathe and I drink water and stretch more. I go downstairs I greet mum and I hang out with her and go back upstairs. Then I exercise harder by running, dancing and stretching in the end. By that time it's lunch and I get studying.
Alma T.
I walk around the neighborhood. Besides the physical aspect of moving, I like the mental space of seeing trees, birds, butterflies or whatever is in nature. Feeds the soul, calms the spirit.
Tommy B.
I've been doing the 10 minute workout on here and really enjoying it. It's not easy but at only 10 minutes it is super manageable.
El Onore Q.
I usually go for a walk/run to get me moving and to just get outside or if it's bad weather I just start by doing the 7minute work out!
Lino N.
I have to wake up early for my work, so I like the 4 minute Ab and Posture work out. It doesn’t have any highly dynamic moves so I don’t wake anyone. On my days off, I switch to the 7 minute exercise to change things up.
I also like to juggle, so that can be a bit of an arm work out.
Remember when things get hard, that when we look back, it will be the tough times that shaped us into our best selves.
Karen O.
Ik dans en zing. Begin de dag met een dansje, begin de dag met een lach, want degene die lacht in de morgen ,die lacht de hele dag.
Augustin Z.
I do fitness boxing on the Nintendo switch on my rest day I do the one. Miniute just get moving to get some but not a lot of activity in and go for a walk
Lana Q.
I practice yoga in the morning. I don't follow a video, I just do what feels good and what feels right. I stick to the practice much better this way.